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Why the society ignored their rescue messages?

SBS on 17th "I want to know", I showed you about the parking lot of Gangoso-Guan's Anpathoor Building.

A brutal murder in an apartment building in Gangos-gil, Seoul, A woman with her forty-one was killed by her father's father and her husband, Kim. Kim said, "I tried to talk, but I was so angry because I accidentally killed it."

But experts' opinions were different. Experts say, "it was a clear murder." At least 13 deadly attacks per minute.

In this case, the world knows that the three sisters of the accused are the daughter of the accused. His father's death sentence was demanded. The three daughters who want their father to be in a polar form says, "This is a fear now, and after I get out of it I'm afraid to do anything else."

Two months ago she got her husband. Her husband, Kim, was driving a trucker. After a long time, I started to know my apartment and had been able to understand all the circles two months ago. He took the knife and the insanity of his house and killed his former wife.

Three daughters said to Kim, "I'm not telling them sincerely for forgiveness for his father, and if their children ask for forgiveness, we have not committed such a crime." Actually, Mr Kim did not apologize to his wife.

Kim's sister said, "My sister is not such a person, my relationship to my family is very big," said Lee's old friend Kim, "It's a style to catch a friend, but my friend does not like it, I feel burdened. We did not see any such activity. "

The three sisters would be Kim's next offense. The three daughters testified: "If you disagree with yourself, your hand will rise, but if you do not, you will be unjust with your surroundings." He said that he was trying not to attack the Kim. I was silent and silent.

Five years ago, Mr Kim called his sisters "to see something good." Those who fear such a situation and want to take the evidence threatened to kill him. This led to a problem when Lee Jujui left the island. Kim dissatisfied that there is a person in the party. Kim cried on the face of Mr. Lee. Both eyes had severe bleeding. At this time, Kim told the police. However, it was found that Kim should not be punished, isolated.

The blame for the incident shocked the policemen who had taken up the "liberating state of emergency, only temporary emergency measures". Then Lee decided to divorce her. Lee has been constantly threatened from Kim to get divorce.

One day Kim bought a sword and came to Lee. Shri. Lee went to a nearby hotel and sought help. The police came and separated the mother and daughter, but the knife took the knife and seized them.
ImageThe incident with parallelism in this case was another part of the year before. Victim's parents employee found The girl, Kang Sik K, died when she was 23 years old at age 23. Kang succeeds in beauty pageants and SN He married for blessing, and many were jealous.

By the way, Kang killed her husband Joe in November last year. The Kang Center resided where the divorce was. Her husband saw him and killed him without any hesitation. At that time, the witness said, "I do not understand, I call someone stabbed." Joe made 112 votes. He killed his wife and reported it.

Joe was stabbed to death by Joe's bones and organs. "It was a similar attack in the past," said the expert in a statement.

The victim experienced a shocking recording file. Kao was attacked by a young boy and a junior who lives three years. The lady's expert said she always attacked with a knife or a towel. "I'm piercing your cloth, I knew I could recognize me, my urine gave me food and I was raped," one friend said.

Police Cing's home inspected the house. However, Joe was attacked by Kang and threatened to kill her, but Kang did not curse Joe. Kang did not punish the girl because she did not want to punish her husband.

Kang told a divorce later that he did not want to punish Joe for the police. But his colleagues thought Kang was safe, and Kang escaped from Joe. Subsequently, John had a connection with the SNS wife. He worked steadfastly to disturb his wife.

Jose asked her to bring her baby to his wife. She went to Kang Joe's house when she was disturbed by the baby, where she was subjected to unnecessary rape and assault. Joe had also reported on the allegations of rape. Paul Choyy said that he had lodged a complaint with the police. "If you want to send a sentence, send it to the normal language and prove it is not a threat if you do not threaten me," Joe's wife complains about her accusations and complaints. It was found to be split.

A crime psychologist, Le Sao Thong, said: "These victims are long and prolonged, but criminals seem to have been accidental."

Kang's husband, Joe, said: "I have called and sealed it." But after the age of 112, he stabbed his wife Kang several times.

In domestic violence, criminals were caught only 0.8 per cent. 100 out of 99 were rescued. "If unwillingness to be punished for rape, criminals can be found guilty of illegal arrest." The police said, "Police will be good to send them back.

Homes with the name of the housemaid. The court has ordered reconciliation with the husband who struck his wife. The long term violence of both the couple and their mutual friend leads to great repercussions.

Professor Lee said, "If punishment is not reasonable, criminals take quick gaps in the judicial system.

Forensic scientist Yu-song-ho said, "Forensic scientists are experiencing a problem for a while and violence is likely to increase, so the first social system needs to be involved in a social system."

Many NGOs have called for domestic violence to be considered as criminals and victims. Not by family members, they should be swiftly and speedily implemented.

(SBS Garage Kim High Genie Editor)

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