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Illegal Funding 200 Million Representative Yong-Soo Um Rep. 2-Depth representatives were lost


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A member of the Liberal Democratic Party, Um Yong-soo (53, Gyongam Milliyang, ir Ryong, Haman, Chengniyong) was sentenced to receive large amounts of illicit funds during the 20th general election, but also appealed the loss of parliament.

Detective Part 1 of the Busan Criminal Court Changwon Tribunal (Kim Jin-seok Judge Kim) sentenced June 14 to imprisonment for Eom on June 14, which was accused of breaching the Political Funds Act.

The tribunal denied his appeal, which was misunderstood by the trial and misleading, and his brother was very heavy.

The court sentenced him to jail time, but the court was not arrested.

Under Article 57 of the Political Funds Act, members of parliament will lose their seats if they are punished for more than a million.

Mr. Um, along with his local aide, Yu, 55, announced the declaration of illegal election funds, which the N.E.C. The 58-year-old businessman and then head of the Han election elections were not announced in early April 2016, when the 20th general election ballot was imminent. In December 2017, he was accused of achieving 200 million wins.

There is no evidence to directly support the crime, except the statement by the head of the Haman Election Office fees, Mo 58, that the case was paid.

Mr Umm denied the connection, saying, "I was not involved in any illegal funds and I have not been notified."

However, the second hearing also found Ahn's statement relevant and credible, consistent with the prosecution's evidence.

Mr. Eom's statement is that alibi or third party should not conclude with money. Whether the election situation is mismatched or incorrect.

After leaving the court, Shri Um did not make any representation in the judgment.

However, after questioning a reporter, he shook his head and put him in a car in court.


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