Monday , March 20 2023

Implementation of the National Pension Service Update in 2019


11.19 Mon (Mon) Offers a lecture on the CEO at the branch office workshops held at the office in the office of the National Pension Corporations.
[이데일리TV 이대원PD]National Pension Corporation (Chairman Kim Sang-ji) has pledged to organize workshops for branch managers across the country on Onam Hollen (Deogin-Gu, Geobok, Jeyunju) on the first floor of the National Pension Corporation headquarters.

Inaugurated the first anniversary of the establishment of Kim Seogong-ji. This workshop was organized in 160 executives, including 1960 branch offices. It was designed to review achievements of the year and to find a way to national pension projects, fund management reform processes.

First of all, the corporation has reviewed the major achievements of 2018 and the most important is that people's public pension is an annualized attempt to make annual income.

For the first time since the establishment of National Pension System, national controversial seminars will be organized in 16 regions of the country, conduct online questionnaires, telephone answering questions and citizens directly in the process of improving the national pension system. By promoting older people's participation in the workplace to ensure aging income, we are getting worse in the blind's position. as well as,

In addition, fund management, transparency and skill improved through fund management information, dissemination of public information and financial management of the fund. Bank (SSBT) and BNN Melan decided to open the Geoju office.

Kim Jing-je would be a year away from next year's reflection of the year and the preparation of the innovation after the inauguration of the company, next year, a new innovation in the attitude of Huang Kung Jang. The corporation introduced the management and future advice of the management.

In addition, for a "public corporation pension", "annuity annuity" and "a corporation that co-ordinates a balanced regional development," the head of the department and the head of the Branch Manager will need an accountability obligation. Furthermore, emphasize that the first year for establishing Foundations to become the second financial city focused on fund management headquarters.

Besides, the workshop also discussed key issues such as the role of the corporation to revise the national pension system.

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