Saturday , June 10 2023

In 2018 Kim Sam-Gione chairman chairman of the Riyadh Corporation gave Korea the Grand Prize for Service


Kim Sam-Gion, chairman of the Railroad Corporation
[이데일리 박민 기자] The Korean rideside chairman Kim Chong Keon Korean inspired the 2018 Korean Service Grand Prize event, which is the home of the Korean National Nations Volunteers Group.

Kimmy was awarded the "Beautiful Korean Award" for just 12 of the winners. The contribution he has given to the community to share his partnership with him needs help.

The social corporation fund created by voluntary donations and sharing funds of the workers, KR for the purpose of providing scholarship, uniform and cultural experiences in Railway Corporation headquarters and five local headquarters (Seoul, Busan, Deijon, Wanju, Sujan).

Bases, including social based partnership, the Brigade, the Kimshi Partnership Activities, the local communities, the social institutions and the welfare institutions to sustain the lives of old and weak people living alone.

In particular, if the industrial disasters, like an earthquake in the process of taking business from abroad, the workers visit the product directly. Nepal and Indonesia have also provided warm support to local people.

"We will continue to develop various social activities that will continue to be a public institution where we can grow and cooperate with the local communities in Korea and abroad."

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