Tuesday , February 7 2023

It's a portable IT system that lets you know what's hell.


Ultra-slim notebook stand & # 39; Mega Stand & # 39; (Content = hanging stand)

[한국정경신문=장원주 기자] & # 39; On the Go & # 39; IT products gain popularity among people studying in cafe and camping.

On-the-go is a word used to describe a product that retains functionality but enhances portability. Introducing IT products that can resurgence like cold insomnia.

■ It is necessary to use a notebook for a long time.

If you work on your notebook for a long time, your neck and shoulders will be cut off, and you will have serious respiratory problems such as dogs and turtles in the throat. However, the home monitor or notebook stand is heavy and can not carry it.

In this case & # 39; Mej Stand & # 39; Is eligible. It's a connection type notebook stand developed by Taiwan's designer who has been happy with its own design work for over 20 years.

Height 6 cm to 7 cm To 12 cm So you can work with a maximum angle and height according to the user's body condition and usage environment.

Slightly than coins, it is 1.7 mm thick, and when it is connected to a notebook, the thickness of the notebook does not change almost, so it is kept in a portable pouch without executions. By folding and folding the holder, you can use your notebook easily and quickly anywhere in your library, coffee shop etc. within 1 second.

■ Touch screen monitors that can be used on large screens for business, gaming etc.. Main Tick Reviews

If you are a frequent worker on a smartphone, then let's look at the mainstream tech portable touch monitor V15 FP camera.

Mainstream techker will extend the 5 to 6 inch screen of the smartphone to 15.6 inches with mobile mirroring.
It is slightly larger than the A4 paper and weighs 660 grams and thickens 4.8 mm.

Notebook users who are familiar with the dual monitor, it is useful if you need an auxiliary screen based on the nature of your work.

It can connect with game consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, etc., so it can be used for other purposes other than a business.

■ folded and folded portable keyboard, like notebook. Microsoft Universal Fondable Keyboard

Smartphones and Tablets are limited in typing and screen size due to the nature of the product. Different types of Bluetooth keyboards are available in the market, but the problem is size.

Microsoft uses Universal Fondable Keyboard Folding Keyboard to dramatically reduce the size of the keyboard.

When folded size is only 147mm width and 125mm height. Thickness notebook can be included in a pouch, which is about 5 mm wide.

You do not need to tap ether ring with bluetooth. When you unfold the keyboard, it connects to your smartphone or tablet. When you fold a keyboard, it is convenient to automatically disconnect.

The advantage is that it can be used for up to 3 months after it is charged.

■ Projection up to 35 inches at the distance of 1g Gogin Good Good BenQ beam projector live 1

Larger screens are essential for occupation or camping. Mini-beam projectors are useful for this.

The BenQ mini-beam projector is 100 mm in width and 155 mm in height. It is brief enough to occupy almost any space in the room.

You can project a 35-inch screen at a distance of 1 meter and you can enjoy a large screen of Android and iOS smartphone screens with a screen mirroring function.

It supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 and has its own Android operating system, so you can listen to various Internet streaming videos on the radio, including YouTube.

It has 3000 mAh (milliomperes) battery capacity so if it is needed it can be connected to a mobile device like a smart device. It also has a 5W (white) output chamber speaker and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

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