Friday , March 31 2023

KCTU & # 39; Volume of active volumes & # 39; Suspect was excluded from Paul's activity


[서울=뉴스핌] King Tee Hun said that 2016 Rio Olympian Silver Medal winner Paul handled evidence of voluntary action.

On June 19 an official of the JUDOKA ASSOCIATION said: "The official disciplinary action of the Appeals will be decided by the sports fairs committee." I am going to have administrative tasks excluded from the contest list. "

After the tournament, our team will conduct a similar inquiry as soon as the team returns.

Korean judo is suspected of spying out the documents of Polish and willing and exiled from the national athletic village. [사진= 로이터 뉴스핌]

According to the current law, a gold medalist or Olympic bronze medal from the Asian Games will get military training for 4 weeks within 60 days and will participate in the athlete within 544 hours. I have volunteer support. After this, the National Sports Promotional Corp. has to prove this.

From May to July, he volunteered for three weeks at a weekly residence from South and North Korea. An Paul had lived in a national athletic village in Zhinshan, China to attend the Asian Games. The days of National Sports Promotional Corporation's participation were also volunteered by their volunteers.

Some agree that although he was sincerely serving Paul, he made a wrong statement.

A defender of the national football team, Chang Hoon-zoo, the Korea Football Association national team was regularly suspended and fined 30,000,000.

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