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Shin Hyo-jin = located in the center of the body acts as a supported pillow. What will happen to the building of the building, the biggest building of the building? Perhaps there are not many problems here. Let's see how to keep you up to this main veteran.

▶ Scholosis
Cataract surgery is used as pillars to support the body as it stands in the middle of the body. Cervical teeth and hair shafts are curbed forward. Thorough hair and napkin turn back.

The most common type of Scoliosis Anatomic Center is a 10-degree self-alterative lateral change from the axis of the anatomic center, where deviation from the state scoliosis may become "verable bread", mixed.

▶ Classification of scissors
Scoliosis can be done to differentiate between workshop scholars (iopathy scoliosis) and structural scholosis. When a body develops on one side due to a difference in the body, the vaccination, such as playing a field or a violet, is a casket sculpture that embraces the habit of having a wall hanging bag and the habit of covering the legs. This can often be reversed according to variations.
On the other side is structural inclination, births, skeletal chemotherapy, neuro cotton, or morphine, neurofibromatatosis, neurofibromatosis, eopepathosis scoliosis, and thirty-five degrees of nervous system. Eupiptic scholysis is the most common form of structural inclination, accounting for 85% of the total scoliosis. The most common teenage nerves are infants, nausea, adolescents and adult disorders. Genetic nurse, neuroacchar disorder, spondo or artis, hormone abnormalities, biomechanical abnormalities, westernclerification dissonance, inherent sensory abnormalities, but the exact cause is not clear yet.

Symptoms of scoliosis
Pain in the muscoscale caused by functional scholysis often occurs with toxins, however, in terms of structured skin, pain relatively rarely, and in rare cases the most common symptom is the pain. Pain and other symptoms appear to be unusual for the body as a whole. I see a mirror and I see that the height of my right is different, or my breasts are great, and I see that one side of my back and back is longer than the other side. Chest pains taken during the diagnosis may also be present.
It is not known exactly what Skoltolysis patients are not aware of the pain behind them. This is not related to veterinary breaston, fince and arthritis degree of spine. In other words, pain can only be 80 degrees, and pain in only 20 degrees. Hence, the pain should not always be in the scaly.
However, if there are symptoms of symptoms in the angle of 70 ° C or 80 degrees C, there are signs of symptoms, but in severe cases, the lung function can reduce the pulmonary fungi. Volcano activity decreased due to volatic curvature of 120 degrees due to lung function. In pulmonary heart disease (pulmonary artery blood circulation has degenerated and right ventricular dysfunction).

▶ A diagnosis of a scoliosis
X-ray exam is a very important experiment in diagnosis and treatment of Scoliosis. To accurately determine the soft spine of the shine, the X-rays should be taken to the cobbons in a straight line to reveal them. The core angle indicates the angle that is formed together. It can also be drawn in the lower edge of the lower lap of the lower lip. The silver silvertrap on the top of the verter vulgenta. The cancer should be recommended if the cob cow is 20 degrees less than 20 to 45 degrees Celsius. Surgical treatment is needed if it is more than 45 degrees.
The eyes of two white eyes are different from the eyes when they are in the eyes, the two legs are bigger, the backbone can be curved, spinal rejection, or uncontrolled fights from the back. When the patient is upright, forward 90 degrees go ahead, and a former abnormal examination from the back of the patient confirms that the test is falling back, or the skull or the sickle lasts one side. There are several possibilities for structural inclinations. This method is very helpful for early diagnosis, which is a good way to easily examine the school group exam or at home.
It is of great importance that spinal pain and backache are present. Severe defects in children and adolescents are not usually painful. Pain and pain in pain and pain (tumor spondyloprotein, previous spongyolitis, the tumor of the backbone area) should always be kept in mind.

Scupososis treatment
In the case of functional scholarship, correction is possible through proper correction, exercise, and insulin use. Structural scholarsis can not be rehabilitated. Exercise, physical therapy, chimneying, and auricus were used to prevent more harm. When the cobs angle are less than 20 degrees, the curvature change is observed. When the Corset Blossoms are over 20 degrees Cobble, Cody obesity defects are also present for trunk oratio treatment, but surgery treatment is required if the cobs are angular 60 or 90 degrees.
Exactness and Exercise Cobb angle of structural scholarship does not appear to change directly but requires continuous management. Because the curvature prevents weight gain and muscle strength increases and reduces the muscoscule's pain. Most importantly, a professional doctor should be avoided by the consultation, and when it is important to decide how to correct cure.

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