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Ki Sung-yong's First Starter Shorty … Newcastle Promotion Team Beats Norwich


Norwich Pookie, hat-trick explosion… Premier League match 4

Ki Sung-yong, the first opener of the season… Newcastle promotion team defeated Norwich

Ki Sung-yongng (30, Newcastle), who lost the opening season of the 2019-2020 England Premier League, started in the second round, but failed to stop the team from losing.

Ki Sung-yong played as a midfielder on the 17th (local time) in the Premier League Second Round away game against Norwich City in Norwich City, England, until he was replaced by Sean Longstaff in the 29th minute.

The penalty was taken last month, with Kisung-yong not used during Steve Bruce's leadership, he missed the bench in the first round of the league with Arsenal and missed the second round.

The team lost 1-3- 1-3 and didn't notice much, but they showed strength in the corner

Newcastle, who lost 0-1 to Arsenal in the first leg, lost to promotion team Norwich and lost their atmosphere early in the season.

In the second leg of the Championship last season, Norwich faced a 1-4 loss to Liverpool in their first game, but with the help of Newcastle they won the first.

Ki Sung-yong, the first opener of the season… Newcastle promotion team defeated Norwich

Newcastle were ashamed of Norwich's invasion from the beginning.

Martin Dubrouka's left foot shot survived with a left-foot shot from Trenton Cantwell after the 5th minute in the first half.

Continuing knockout Norwich opened the scoring goal 32 minutes into the first half.

The Newcastle defender didn't go too far from heading for the cross, and an exciting volley of puke to the left of the penalty area went into the net.

Ki Sung-yong took a free kick from Marco Stipman on the left side in the second six minutes of the team's constant stretch and in the next fifteen minutes he had a left-footed cheer, but it was not a crucial opportunity.

Ki Sung-yong, the first opener of the season… Newcastle promotion team defeated Norwich

In the second half, Newcastle faced increasing pressure and was again beaten by Pucci.

Puke scored several goals from an outstanding right-footed shot from the left side of the penalty area that slid between the three opponents.

To make matters worse, Newcastle also hit an unexpected bad news, when the starting striker Joe Linton was replaced with an injury late in the 18th minute.

Bruce tried to change his mood with another replacement card that replaced Key Sung-yong on the long staff in the second half of the 29th minute, but shortly thereafter, another goal for Pokie was added to Newcastle.

In the first round of Liverpool, Norwich's only goal was for Purkey to score four goals in two league games.

Newcastle's John Joe Shelby consoled the team's first goal in the second extra time.

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