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Kim Jong-il, the world's second round of the World Cup begins … UM Cheon Ho: Sports Chosun

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2018 Piyong Chang Winter Olympic silver medalist Kim B-Mul (Gangovan Provincial Office) participated in the first gold racing season of this season at the collective start of the second round of the 2018-2019 International Speed ​​Skating World Cup.

Kim Jumim passed the finals in the 8 minute 52 seconds and 180 minutes final at the Tomakama Highland Sports Center in Hokkaido, Japan. Francesca Rosabrida (8 minutes 52 seconds 250) and Evaniele Rondin 8 minutes 52 seconds 260) on Friday became the protagonist of the short-lived car and the gold medal.

Kim, who won the bronze medal in women's championship in the first round of Japan's Obihiro, Japan, became the first gold medal for the Korean national team for two consecutive medals this season.

Ehsan Cheiho (Sports Toto), who was in the men's fast-forward final, won the silver medal with Valentali Makhalov (8 minutes, 06 seconds, 540 seconds) and 8 minutes 15 seconds and 940 seconds in Belarus.

Yum Cheon-Ho won two consecutive medals in the second round after the bronze medal in the first round.

But in other sports, tejak warriors failed to find medals.

In the 500-meter division A (First Division League) Kim Joon-ho (Gangwon Province Office) ran 35 seconds 833 and Kim Tai-yun (Sole City Hall). Tea Min-Gu (Dongduchian City Hall) 36 cc 069) was at 17th place.

Men's 1,500 meter division was the eighth place in Kim Min-Sayoke (Seongmam City Hall, 1 minute 49 seconds 529).

Kim Min-Sun (Uggangob City Hall, 39 seconds 932) and Kim Hyun-Yu (Seongam City Hall, 40 seconds 039), of which both women were in the 500-meter division, the second race was 18th and 20th.

On the other hand, Pyongyang's Olympic women's 500th gold medal Koderi (Japan) continued the melancholy rally by winning all the first and second competitions in the second round.

Second day's competition in the 500th Division, Goda won the gold medal in 38th and 263th.

In the first match of the previous day, Goda, who set the track record (38 seconds 031), played the Golden Race for two consecutive days.

With a significant record of 33 consecutive wins in the domestic and international tournaments of the GAA, the team has won 19 consecutive wins in the 500th World Cup series. Goda has won four races in the 500th World Cup season this season.

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