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/ Photo = Lee Song-huun @ lsh87

/ Photo = Lee Song-huun @ lsh87

/ Photo = Lee Song-huun @ lsh87

Actor Jang Me-Sun dies today (29th) 50 years old.

It was said that JCF was found dead in the Genoa hotel in southern Jeloa Province. Suddenly, B-Boo, entertainment industry and fans were in shock.

According to police, at 11:45 a.m., the manager came to know that the US ship was submerged in the bathroom of the hotel room and the police was informed. The manager was informed that he could not contact the National Defense Commission, so he was asked to leave the hotel.

119 paramedics were sent, but they were already breathing. An official of the Genebut Fire Fighting Headquarters said, "When I came, the USFK cardiac arrest was already in the state." I was handed over to the police officer without being transferred to the hospital, "he said.

A police official said, "As a result of CCTV investigation, no one has entered the room." There is no indication of theft, there is no evidence of suicide. "In addition, the National Security Commissioner checked at the hotel around one o'clock and went to the room and said that he At 1:40 am, he made the last call with his father. Police estimate that it was about 2 o'clock in the circumstances.

One official said, "Recently, my family is dead and my mother is in bed. I have many feelings of depression." "The misery has not been reached yet, so the funeral process has not been discussed."

The police are investigating the exact course of this incident, because the US has chosen its own choices.

In the afternoon, Bose Entertainment said, "I'm afraid I'm 50 at the age of 50." "I was treated with depression, but I'm sorry."

"I want you to pray for the dead," he said. "Do not leave speculative reports for unarmed rumors and distressed families."

It is said that JCF 'only for 2 nights and 3 days'. To come to the stage with drama will be in Genoa. Suddenly the show on B-Boy was canceled.

"My mother and my two nights three days," it was said that the performance of actor for actor of great actor today was essentially canceled at 2 o'clock today. The show was changed to actor Li Sung Rim at 6 o'clock on the 30th and at 2 O'clock at 2 pm. "

National Defense Commission planned to open the film "Naratam Sai" on the 25th of next month. In the second half of this year, the K2 game play & # 39; Chosun Roko – Mokdijn & # 39; There was also a plan to participate in. Everyone is unhappy with her sudden death, which is active.

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