Tuesday , January 31 2023

LGG + "Apply for LA Dodgers Intuition" – ZDNet Korea



LG Eupold announced on January 30 that it will recruit the "Los Angeles Dodgers Intrusion Expedition Team", which will be on the first day of this month to see LA Dodgers's main league games.

The Los Angeles Dodgers 'inaugural campaign will be held from September 2 to 10, for 6 nights and 9 days, to provide an initial opportunity to play a game in the main league baseball team in the Los Angeles Dodgers' Baseball Field, California, California.

LG U + is releasing the main league game service provided by U + Mobile TV in the U + Pro Baseball application from mid-August. To celebrate the event, he explained that he has planned for an early campaign event.

Anyone who subscribes to LG U + Mobile will be able to access the event through the application event page. On the first day, 5 out of 2 candidates will be selected and from 26 to 18 August, 3 people will be selected from the second round offer. Five competitors will be given the opportunity to participate in a campaign with a one-on-one person.

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The winners will be announced on July 29 and 21 respectively. Details of the trip, including Major League games, will be presented in the U + Pro Baseball app later.

"We have planned a promotion that gives all baseball fans an intuition to master league intentions from the US professional baseball users for their high interest and encouragement. Through rich events, we will increase the satisfaction of the U + professional baseball experience."

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