Wednesday , May 18 2022

"Looking forward to recession this month is going to be worse …"


(Source: Housing Industry Research Institute)

(Source: Housing Industry Research Institute)

The possibilities for this month will be worse than last month.

According to the Housing Industry Research Institute (SII), April 15, the HSPI forecast was down 1.5 points to 67.4 percent last month.

HOSEI is a fairly accurate index in terms of maintaining the status of housing or turning from viewers' perspective. Investigate monthly housing companies

This month's HOSI report mainly concentrated on Gyeonggi province, some metropolitan cities and large-scale residential units. The country's housing conditions continue to deteriorate as concerns over housing construction are being made.

Local analysts report that this month's advance will not be favorable this month, as demand for regulatory mechanisms, including the increase in housing subsidies in the second half and strengthening of financial regulation.

Holi predictions for this month indicate that Seoul (87.0) and Zee (83.3) continued the 80th month. Gingongi (71.6), Diego (77.4), Gwangju (70.0) and Jeju (71.4) were recorded in 70 ships. In other areas there were 50 to 60 ships.

The company saw a 24.3 points drop in its volume. With large companies 57.7 (October, Outlook 82.0), medium sized companies 70.7 (October Outlook 63.3). Middle class firms surged by 7.4 per cent in the previous month.

HSI plans this month to big companies this month. Inchon and Geogighy regions (46.6, 40.0 points), Gwangju and Geola regions (59.8, 36.6 points) were reduced by 30 points.

Juzan-Kaun (1146 homes in 1,465 homes in +1152 homes), Jeongong Changwon City (1393 homes), Gyeongi province (1219 homes), Seoul (1073 houses) and Chungubuk Chungjuju (1034 houses).

Meanwhile, Jenan Yen said that 30,746 households in 70 districts (20,443 private homes and 11,253 homes) were estimated to account for total lunar land area. There are 16,835 families in 24 districts. There are 26,861 households in 46 districts.

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