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MK News – An Introduction to Heart Influenza … Heart Disease, Flu Prevention and Countermajors


Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have warned flu two weeks ago and there are few cases of influenza A and B virus, so there is concern about overlapping or cross infection. Influenza viruses are more risky for health conscious people, including young people, infants, children and elderly, so there is a need for complete precautions and prevention efforts.

In fact, according to the Guangyee Provincial Office of Education on 21st last month, the number of infected students was 26, the number of people infected with HIV increased by 1,444. Of these, 75% (5,800 people) of all infected people are primary school students. Influenza is particularly spread among children with poor immune system, which makes parents more worried.

Hart, a company specializing in the management of indoor air quality, introduced information known to stop influenza, which is heard during the winter and works expertly in the case of an infection.

◆ Immunological power in the diet with adequate water intake and body temperature

The main reason for the exposure to winter influenza virus is cold temperatures. When the body temperature decreases, it reduces immune system. Therefore, it is necessary to consume enough food and water to maintain the body's homeostasis and to increase body temperature to prevent flu.

Jujube is a caring material that warms the body with ginseng tea and tea boils. When it is drunk, blood circulation spreads and it is best to keep the energy of five days safe. The honey made from monosaccharides is rapidly absorbed and promotes metabolism, which is effective for body temperature and fatigue recovery. In addition, 70% of human body is made of water, so it is better to drink more than 8 glasses every day.

◆ Only 90% Prevention by Flu and Vaccination

Flu can be prevented by up to 90% by vaccine alone. The Ministry of Health and Welfare recommends that vaccination will not be possible after November in order to ensure that the number of influenza patients will increase sharply in the middle of December to early January. It takes two weeks for the antibody to be produced after vaccination. Prior to vaccination, after consulting the specialist, it is advisable to vaccinate yourself according to your physical condition.

It is safe to take a new vaccine if you miss the vaccination period or last year. Influenza viruses are varied and frequent, and once it is incorporated, it does not last for long, but it loses 20% of its immunity every month. When vaccinated, it is recommended that pneumonia vaccination is integrated into the room, which reduces the probability of pneumonia, which is the typical complexity of fluid.

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◆ Ventilation periodically to manage indoor air quality

It is also important to operate the indoor environment in a comfortable way because the time passed through the cold has increased naturally. Specifically, the flu virus is transmitted by the cough or snuff like air of the infected people, and the density of the virus increases in closed areas, so it is necessary to keep the indoor air clean and clean by fixed ventilation.

In the case of natural ventilation during the winter, the Ministry of Environment recommends that the atmosphere is opened between 5 pm to 10 pm, at 10 pm and 9 pm and at least 30 minutes in the day the windows are opened. However, natural ventilation should be avoided by external air pollution, it is desirable to use forceful ventilation using mechanical devices.

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Hearts & # 39; TwinFrash & # 39; Is a mechanical ventilation system designed for single-family house and villas residents where the ventilation system is not installed. It can supply and exhaust air to a gas tube, reduces heat loss and receives energy recovery of 90. % If it is used for a long time, the electric charge is less than 2000 per month, and the G3 class filter is used to clean more than 80% of artificial dust and for low noise (22 dB ~ 32 dB).

"It is important to pay special attention to the quality management of living in a closed room, because the flu virus is spreading rapidly in schools and nurseries and in-house groups," Hearts said. We are eager to help researchers spend healthy winters. "

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