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MK News – Underwater Ballet of Jeju Marine for 3 years


The scriptwriter, entitled "The Legend of the Merma," watched the audience three years after the wait.

Before joining the jjuju synchronized tournament, the swimming association is organizing a Joint Action Juj Dejeon. Early synchronized National Lordhood (Jeon Hye bin) performed underwater in underwater aquarium as a coach to teach sea techniques.

However, when they arrive in Juju they are different in manifestations.

Mariana representative & # 39; Oksa & # 39; (Chandran Hai-Kung) is dissatisfied with Rama. Jade, who can not ignore himself, makes a dedication to the Jade. The village of the country is hot with two prestige.

The film was shot in 2015 by a distributor for three years. The film directed by Om Yang was a blacklisted park gene high.

Jury's jury was selected for the Jury Award at the Sanjans Film Festival at the Sundance Film Festival. It was the performance of Jez 4's in 2013. But park jun-high offer o 4 because 4 cases were handled. .

The Park Jung-zoo, a park quoted by Park Hun-Hai, reported 374 blacklist cases of public buildings.

"It's complicated before opening up the open press," said Oi, "I'm proud to take a sea-portrait scenario including a jazzaker, and want to tell a story to tell a little smile to a sea lady's deep breath."

Blacklist loss is very unfortunate, but the cinematic expectation is uncertain. I have an idea that I am unable to find my position between commercial film and free art film.

The director of one of the independent directors of the movie O.Juuju made great emphasis on the landscape and the life of the sea woman. But the story is about the story of a sports entertainer.

Two of the characters who played in the frustration are beginning to feel embarrassed at the moment of emotional performance regarding the dramatic incident.

For compensation, laughter was planted in the space of the code, but now, the intensity of commercial movies is much less than the commercial film.

Apart from Jeo Hai bin coach of the national team from Seoul, most of Bollywood actresses are from Juju. Thank you, 100% of the Jaju Language Composition disappears quickly.

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