Friday , January 27 2023

Model name-Sunboa Bins, Sol Asan Hospital … 30th article begins


Actor Chun Me-Sun (photo = non-cut news photo)

Soul's Asan medical center is late. 50 years old.

According to his agency, Bose Entertainment, US Underlying the vacancy of the US will be held in the first Asana Hospital Funnel Hall. Bill will start at 11 o'clock on the 30th. On July 2, there is a footnote at 5:30.

Bose Entertainment said, "Actor, late actor, who always seemed to be close to us with his beautiful figure, became a star in the sky at night."

The 30-year-old middle-aged actor, Jang Me-tsun, was found dead on June 29th in a hotel in Genoa, South Jolo province.

"I was deemed depressed, but I was told sad news." "I hope you pray for a dead person," Boaz Entertainment said.

※ If you have a family member who has difficulty speaking as a depressant or if you are a member of your family or a familiar person suffering from these difficulties, please contact the suicide prevention hotline ☎1577-0199, the telephone ☎129 of Hope, Life Telephone ☎1588-9191, Youth Telephone ☎1388, you can get counseling.

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