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November 14 World Diabetes Day,


Many cases related to diabetes in the panchayat

(Tong Yang Elbo Reporter, Yuen, Qi-Sung) Chungju City, a diabetic town, is trying to secure the city from diabetes.

The importance and importance of diabetes emphasize & # 39; World Diabetes Day & # 39; International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on November 14.

The number of diabetic patients is 5 million, and the number of pre-diabetic patients is 8.7 million. Diabetic patients are rapidly increasing the number of diabetic patients.

As a result, blood test on diabetes occurs at CBS Hall Lobby from 14:00 onwards in the World Diabetes Day from 2 pm to 14:00 pm at the city health center center hall.

The Diabetes Education Center will discuss how to treat diabetes every day and how to treat diabetes, how to treat diabetes and how to handle and treat diabetes every day at 2:00 pm. .

Additionally, the mobile diabetes prevention project for miniature diabetes can use a smartphone under 60 years of age.

In addition, we passed blood climbing, blood sugar checking, obese quantities, high class cooking classroom instruction and students who completed 3 college entrance exams.

Diabetes management is a disease. The importance of health problems for diabetes is explained by the importance of diabetic patients. The doctors said that healthy health care will help the healthcare professionals to come out with diabetes. . News

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