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OMAMA: An analysis of Harvard University scientists at Dong-A Science


November 11, 2018 18:00

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"OMUMUVA" entered in the solar system in 2017

Common asteroids and controversy with comets

Harvard vs. "Objects created by aliens"

Imagine the origin of the first solar system in the Solar System, Osobu - South European Astronomical Observatory

Omu is the first solar system discovered by humans. – European Southern Observatory

& # 39; Is it a wanderer or a strange alien in the universe? & # 39;

On October 19, 2017, an object was first captured in pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii. This mysterious object, with an average diameter of 230 meters, showed different characteristics of ice or rock from an asteroid or comet. The surface has biological subjects too.

Particularly in the early admission process, the speed at which 26 km was up to a second, surprisingly surrounding the sun. The usual thing is that the sun passes, gravitates and it slows down, which is the opposite.

It became an alien interstellar object discovered by the Solar System. The first flight from a distant universe to humans found a star that overcomes the Solar System. This word 'uumuuva 1I / 2017 U1' is the term humimian abrational. However, from where he comes from the Ouva-A, nobody has answered about where he comes from.

A few years ago, Amo Ema worked in the solar system to create a clash in the scientific community. Professor of astronomy at Harvard University in the United States Abraham Row published an analysis of the results of Omumyan, an alien worm in the article "International Astronomical Journal Letters".

I've summarized Harvard's researchers' interpretation of OMM Mammoon.

▲, near the sun, is not as fast as the octagonal body.

= This is a comet. Because of the heat of the sun, the surface of the ice will melt and escape from the gas form. More gas comets, faster. It was thought to have been the quickest of the vaporized ice and the surface of the dust as the Omerm. But this has become an erroneous analysis. Do not fall off the surface.

▲ Why do you think that the surface is not wrong?

= If the material is omitted from the surface, the speed of rotation will slow down at the same speed. When Ouuva's light was analyzed, it was confirmed that it was rotating at regular intervals of 6 to 8 hours. This is the result of ignoring ambient vibration. The average value did not change much when going near the sun. This is a difficult time to define the Omaha as a comat.

The path from the solar system to the left of the comet is Omu Noah. Although it was expected to move on to the red track, the sun was much faster than expected, actually moving to the blue trail, 40,000 km away.

The path to Omano's solar system (left). Although it was hoped to move on to the red track, the sun was much faster than expected, traveling through a blue train, 40,000 km away.

How much did Noah's speed go up?

= Solar cell & # 39; utilizing the sun's light energy to navigate the universe There is technology. Make a thin metal film in the form of a candle, accelerate sunlight (photon). The Japanese Star Screen Initiative is a private space agency that is trying to develop this technology. If the features like the Omaha comet do not show, it is considered that Amazum is flying in solar sales mode.

If aliases have sent it, there must be a device to send and receive signals.

Several researchers have recently reviewed signals from Omu Amua in recent years, but have not had any artificial signals yet. However, only the narrowband signals are analyzed, and the analysis continues. There is also a news that attempts to replace radio waves, such as the SF movie "Star Truck", is trying to change the space.

If aliens exist, how did they send Ommia for millions of years?

I do not know. Perhaps not a specific purpose. This is because some of the names that have been launched into space have been caused by the danger of exotic creatures that are more advanced than ours.

Is the possibility of alien life most likely to be interpreted?
There is no way to prove it now. There is a possibility that asteroid or solar energy absorbing a comet will likely avoid the surface.

Harvard's interpretation has many objections. Even though the rapidly occurring problems near the Sun still remain unresolved, the Omaha Amu cometh on the same line as the comet, and the solar sail is a more complex vibrational model than the sun's vibrations. Oomamuva's behavior continues to be analyzed. Omuma confirmed in September that the Super Bowl had completely deviated from the Pegasus Constellation in September.

November 11, 2018 18:00

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