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Peitre's grave is in ruins, Reu Huyen-Jean is the worst helmet of the season


Peitre's grave is in ruins, Reu Huyen-Jean is the worst helmet of the season


Reu Huyen-Jean's Courses Field, Peacht's grave fell into the worst pitch of all seasons.

He hit three homers in the third innings, becoming the first to lose seven runs.

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Duders Rai went 5-to-5 with Colorado in the loss of huun-gen.

After the double hit with leading hitter Garrett Hampson, he approved Homer Petruwala Leica.

Throw-out The outer change went on the fence.

Sak Ryu allowed Hyun-Jin followers 5-5 with a continuous hit.

In the second half of jewelry, Daimon Fastball, which was thrown by David Moon, became the third runner to run down and down 5-7.

Reu Huyen-Jean Pitcher's grave did not cross the friendly Ballpark Corsefield.

He made seven hits in nine innings, including three in the four innings.

Reu Huyen-Jean's runner-up point is his record in five years from 2014, in the biggest league record of the Reune Hueun-Gene League.

Reu Huyen – The average ERP of the genes rose from 1.27 to 1.83, and the Doders lost in the season with a loss of 9-13.

Reu Huyen-Jean, who struggled with a 3-point average and 7.56 IA in its earlier four-game appearance in the field field,

"Nemo" Nolan Air, who reached second place in the 3-0 lead, finished second in the first innings, he allowed me to run home.

I have left two points with my body forefinger, which is thrown at the end of the game in full game.

Ryoo Huyen-Jean, who succeeded in removing the crisis by adding his teammates after a strange lake ratio, continued the 5th game with five bad pitch in the season,

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