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President MoonJ [사진 중앙포토]

President MoonJ [사진 중앙포토]

Man Janein will attend the ASEAN summit and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APE) Summit.

Discussions on the establishment of a peaceful atmosphere in the Korean peninsula and to discuss and improve relations with the international ASEAN countries,

The ASEAN summit in China, 21 ASEAN +3 Summit, was held on 13 th to 13th at the 13th East of the East Asia Summit in Singapore. In this meeting, President Moon suggests a new Asian summit next year that will enable the new South Korean policy to be implemented. The Korean Mekong Summit will be set up with the Mekong Basin countries like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.

Mr Chandran will attend the Epic summit in Papua New Guinea at 17-18. Here the Moon introduces the "New Eraville National Vision" of the Government and designs the Digital Economy for the design of the "APEC Digital Innovation Fund".

During his visit, international bilateral cooperation will be required to make bilateral discussions with key countries and to build a peace paradox on the Korean peninsula. Both countries will hold bilateral discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Vice President Mike Fans. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the summit was planned. Chiang Wa Day Day said bilateral talks were ongoing with Chinese President Hu Jintao. If the summit meeting with the city concludes, it will be opening 11 months since December. Last June there was a summit with President Putin.

President Moon offers opportunities to share the news of the nuclear talks between the North and the US on the upcoming summit. Kim Jong-nan North Korean Leader Kim Jong-

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