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Samba hambac body replaced by Samsung Corporation: International News


The financial accounting of Samsung BO Logix has been replaced by Samsung CTS.

In a 16th radio interview, parliamentarian Yong-jin, parliament member of the Democratic Party said: "The process of merging Samsung C & T's body and Lee Jae-Yang's succession is the body of the body." In addition, the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) needs to review its activities. Prosecution investigation should be fast. "

PSPD, which first presented the data on Samsung's accounting account, held a press conference today, demanding Samsung to do the C &

Samsung cited the fact that Samsung's Bitcoin accounting was related to the merger with Samsung Corporation and Chelsea Industries in 2012.

Samsung bio has stopped trading. United Nations News

Samsung's Bidez's misstep accounting is a suspicious idea to increase the value of Samsung's biggest shareholder value chassis in 2015 at the merger of two companies in 2015.

At that time, Lee Jai-Yong Chen was one of the biggest shareholders of industries, but Samsung did not have a C-ti ticket. The value of the Chei industry also contributed to the value added value of Samsung's Bio, and merge became the largest shareholder of Vice-Chairman Samsung CTS Company. Through this process Samsung's Electronics Vice Chairman took part in this process.

But in May 2015, Samsung merged the merger with the Board of Directors. But by the end of 2015, Samsung's biometric accounting changes are not reflected, as it is not linked to the merger. In this regard, Lee Yong Dae and Park Yong Von argue that it is necessary to justify the merger ratio under the supervision of Samsung Bidech.

Once the financial authorities are alert. The merger ratio between Samsung C & T and Cheil Industries was determined on the stock price basis. After the merger, the Samsung Bio redefined.

However, there are surveys that Samsung's CEOs are not small in the financial system. The Financial Supervisory Commission has stated that the current situation has not been reviewed. But it seems to be open. On the basis of complaints, Samsung Bio should review the financial statements from 2012 to 2015. In this case, Samson C & D, the financial statements of its parent company, are changing. Jung Yun Sun reporter [email protected]

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