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Samsung Fire, worry if the thiece is very good –


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Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance took Kepco to victory

In the second round of the 2018 ~ 2019 Dodrum V-League team, Samangan Fire and Marine secured a 3-2 set (25-16, 22-25, 25-22, 24-26, 15-13). ). With the victory of the day, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance hit a three-game strike. Thailand has 46 points and 70 percent of the attacks. The KPCO team lost 10 consecutive rounds to a 10-point defeat.

It was a game that Samsung expected to win first. Kepco did not win the crown even after opening ceremony. Samsung F & M has won the Hyundai Capital sales competition last year. It was a victory that could bring back the atmosphere at first. "It's a game that helps me find confidence," said Samt fire coach Shin Jin-Sik. The new director said, "Funny, as a team." Shin said, "It should be just a cig wheel.

At least one set, Samsung F & M won the battle. Samsung fire attack with Times attack 21-12. But the air flow from 2 sets has changed. The opponent shook the wall of the defensive defense. In the fourth set, Sue lost three sets to Joe Deeck and Hao-Siok, but lost. In the last five sets, Samsung exploded in the attack on Zohe Zay – Deek, but attacked the attack with the attacks of the thieves. By 14-13 the team ended the one-on-one match and ended the game for a long time. It's literally new.

With the smile of the game we made a new coach. Every player is disturbed by players, "said Shin. It should keep it until the end of the game, but can not do that. It was comforted. He scored 46 points. I did not train correctly because I had an overkill of bruises, but I showed incredible concentration. On the other hand, the Taze was a task of Samsung's Fire and Marine. Thais's attack participation rate was 52%. The park did not help Chloo-wu zo-hi-tea, but Thais was attacked. "I do not think it's too tall," said Tiss. "It's hard to play with Thas," Taz said.

Once in the game, Samsung has made a stepping-stone in the lead with the strike that the fire has won three games. However, the challenges that face the high ground are clearly visible.

On the same day Hoonkk Life KGC Jinsen Corp completed 3 minutes. Hanukk Life earned 5 wins and three losses (15 points). Suwon = Park Chan-Jun, Reporter Van Basten @ Sports

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Samsung fire (6 wins and 4 defeats) 3-2 kepco (10 defeat)

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Hanguk Life (5 wins and three loss) 3-0 KGS Jinsang Corporation (4 wins and 4 defeats)

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