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Sports Seoul & # 39; Midnight & # 39; Side "Reasons for Gangnam Naturalization? Not because of Li Sang-hwa … Thanks for the support"


[스포츠서울 윤소윤기자]When news of the singer's naturalization of Gangnam became a topic of discussion, Gangnam opened his mouth about his marriage to his girlfriend, Lee Sang-hwa.

The SBS program “ Full Entertainment Midnight & # 39; & # 39 ;, which aired on the afternoon of the 13th, highlighted the news that Gangnam is gaining Korean nationality.

Gangwon's agency, D & # 39; Most Entertainment, said, "We will apply for naturalization as soon as the material is ready later this month," he said. "I've been thinking a lot since the end of last year.

After the news that Gangnam had left the Japanese nationality and was preparing for naturalization on May 12, some suspected that they were preparing for a wedding with Lee Sang-hwa. In response to the question, the agency denied, "The two are getting along well with feeling good. It is true that they are dating seriously, but it is difficult to say that the decision to naturalize was made for a reason."

"From the current situation I am thinking about whether this is the right situation, but thank you for your support."

Gangnam was born between a Korean mother and a Japanese father. According to the report, Gangnam has been fully consulted with his family about renouncing Japanese citizenship and acquiring Korean nationality. It is expected to take about a year in the naturalization process.

Meanwhile, Gangnam raised the issue last March by officially recognizing the speed skating national team's ideals and dedication.

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