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"Two players who defeated Doosan


In the third edition of the Korean baseball season, Dusan Beers, SK wins the 7-2 victory in the Virender. The players are celebrating. 2018.11.7 / News 1 © Copyright

Doosan Bears is in trouble. The line is considered to be very powerful and powerful.

In the third edition of the MCC Korea Series in 2018, Donson defeated Iguazan 2-7 at the seventh spot in the Sky Dream Stadium.

Dumen and Lee took two wickets each for Jesse Locke and took two wickets each. Since the match was in Incheon, Homer Rooney was not seen unexpectedly.

The problem is a two-point lead against the opponent.

The average batting average of Dusa's team was an average of 0.252. (103 goals in 26). This is higher than SK's 0.240 (24 hits in 100 strokes).

But that's just the problem. Choi G-Havan scored six hits in 11 six garagees, and Yang G-G-9 came in nine times. Kim Jae-ho and Oh Zen Jen got a multi-hit record in the third game.

I could not get the score because I could not get the upper score. In three innings three innings three innings were scored in the ninth innings.

The central lines are also in trouble. The park has no single victory in three games. Four Strikeouts with 12 Strikeouts. This is not related to the relationship between the center and center.

Here's 4 of Kim J-Haven's question mark. Kim Jane Haven, who complained about her pain during her training earlier this day, went on a detailed inspection today. If you go Kim Jane Havan, the burden of Yang G-G and Choi Ji-Huan will increase.

Kim Tae-Higong, Doosan's coach, said "Choice jun-havan is the player who can beat, two o'clock."

There is no chance that players can be substituted, so competitions are likely to be played in the remaining matches. The star of the fourth game is the star Kim Gwang-Hayen, who is the left-handed player. ST Kim team work hard to keep in touch with team's classmates.

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