Saturday , June 10 2023

Want more tax on taxes? The cargo workers are cutting subsidies


(Photo: Jonas News)
[이데일리 장영락 기자] This week, the cargo worker demanded a change of policy because the oil subsidies have been cut, and this measure is not effective.

In a petition filed on May 5, he said, "Who knows who fuel taxes are taxed?" To double the cost of petrol tax cuts aimed at strengthening the economy,

"A typical commodity worker supporting the family of four by cargo driving" said, "Besides cutting fuel tariffs, oil companies' oil subsidies will be tax deductible, cutting 80 subsidies of 15 per cent subsidy and a young man, such as a pan," he said.

The freight subsidy on freight has decreased by Rs 79.96 to Rs 265.58 from Rs 345.54 a quintal. There is a possibility of withdrawal of complaints if gasoline prices have not been reduced as gasoline tax cuts have been cut. "If cut in 2008 tax on taxes, the cut of 55 women subsidies is" because transponders are more effective. "

The petitioner requested the government to review the policy again to reduce the value of oil dependent on livelihoods for 400,000 drivers and one lakh families.

The reduction in the price of oil firms will reduce the price of oil firms at the gas station even if the oil subsidy is reduced. Gasoline, which was sold at public gas stations on July 7, fell to 24.8 in average price. This has not been as a result of actual cuts.

The government expects fuel subsidies to be reflected in consumer prices, price of diesel at Rs 123 / liter, gasoline price at 123 rupees and diesel fuel 87%.

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