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"Why now?" Lee Jong-Seok, 2018 fans saw over 20,000 fans

[스포츠조선닷컴 정안지 기자]Lee Jong-Seok, a fellow traveler with 208 Asian fans, made his final debut in 2018.

Lee Jang Zak's Asian Final Tournament was held at the Manila Smart Arnette Coliseum in Manila, Philippines. The Krank Up in seven cities from six countries, including Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, fell to 21,000 world-class fans.

Recently, Sleeping & Sleeping & # 39; s SBS drama, Philippines Lee Jong-Seok, a popular reaction to the local reaction after being popularized recently. More than a thousand fans have reached the airport to check local enthusiasm in the meeting of these fans.

This Cancel ticket was sold to 3,000 seats in the open market, selling more open standing seats. In these days, fans who could not find more sales were able to search for tickets in theaters. This year's Film Festival has been organized by MNCs & # 39; N Car & # 39; To see, he became a Korean player.

Lee Jong-Seok was responsible for a local company. Being jailed in Jakarta, Indonesia, she decided to go to the Philippines. The fans in the Philippines were just as bad as any other area.

I've been thinking of starting with the Philippines, and I remember with great memories and memories of Philipp, because it's the last time, "said Lee.

On this day, Leung Johan recalled Myoinzinging and Myngungingbing in the Film Fountain and recalled the fans' activities and their 20s. I had special time to communicate with my fans in the Thriller Telepath game. The fans from the side were able to grab each other and embrace each other. Like a fan film they showed a warm face. Moreover, a small bracelet of a young admirer's eye tears in his eyes is a gift to his fans's tears.

Lee Jong-Seok sang at the piano and song, and a variety of animals were revealed without acting. Fans came here to shout the story about the new work that was awaiting frustration. TVN New Saturday Drama & # 39; Romance is a related book & # 39; (Playboy Chung Hewjangung, director Lee Jun-Hai), the early shoot from last spring and the nature of the excitement to express the hope of the next job emerged.

Jean-seok fan meeting, Lee said: "Philippine rajyamayat is the last meeting of this year's phanserr, a lot of problems here in future, I asankakulanayirunnu about my unexpected things around, again, for fear that something bad will happen. Come to see you, I am very happy, very happy today, here, Law, Today I will never forget the love you have given me, usmalahrdayavum, I want you to be happy to meet you again on the day.

The & # 39; Sensational Book & # 39; TV Sat Plans have been planned for shooting.

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