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5 Laws to avoid diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world. This will lead to a change in identity and awareness in health and welfare. Like type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes can often be prevented by self help. It is stressed by the aerophthophyte sprout, and Type 2 diabetes affects more and more young people, sharing advice about how to get sick.

"2. Type 1 diabetes is a metabolic disease of insulin to the body incorrectly. Insufficient insulin causes the body to grow, it is sadharanayayirikkam, or uyarttappetamenkilum, cells, blood sugar increases the amount of insulin and the use of salyappetuttappetukayum. Kuraykkunnatiluteyea sweets or a waiver from the menu Kunnatiluteyea to prevent sugar. To avoid the disease, the body is necessary to provide the conditions that can be run in the normal way, "explains pharmacist.


Maintain a normal body weight

  • Regular body weight improves rational use of insulin in the body. On the other hand, excess obesity is the main risk factor for women and men developing diabetes.
  • As the body becomes obesity, fat cells increase. This complicates the complexity of glucose in insulin-sized cells – the pancreas can not produce enough quantity.
  • The increased need for insulin, metabolism changes, the body starts to function incorrectly.
  • The possibility of developing diabetes is determined by fat plasma in the body. Excess obesity (apple obesity) increases the risk of developing more than the object's body (type 2 diabetes mellitus).

Foods that provide nutrients and minerals to prevent diabetes are valuable but do not encourage excessive gain in kilograms. Each one The food should be based on the "dish peat", which is where a bowl is intended for vegetable.

  • Vegetables should be fresh.
  • If you have prepared salads, then without fatty sauce, they can be poured with light olive oil, citrus fruit sauce.
  • Serve the meat, fish, milk products, eggs, legumes, curd and carbohydrates – for curd and protein products.
  • Full-wheat products, whole-gown pasta, brown rice, various types of grits and cereals are good choices.

It is best to use a small amount of healthy (unsaturated) fats like olive oil, rapped or linseed oil to prepare food.

  • The best way to cook is to cook or cook more food than fat.
  • Avoid heavy meat, cakes, pastries, chocolate and sweet desserts.
  • Must have at least 2 liters of water.
  • To maintain regular feeding and maintain a healthy and balanced menu it is advisable to avoid misunderstandings between meals.
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