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7 Important things about antibiotics


Each year, from November 12 to 18, the World Health Organization will reverse the issues related to the Antibiotic resistance in various programs. This year's main concern is to protect these precious medicines, as their abuse threatens future therapies. Reggae Eastern Clinical University Hospital remembers many of the basic concepts that everyone should remember before using them.

  • Antibiotics is one of the greatest inventions of humanity who save millions of lives.
  • Darwin's theory is the best level, "microbes can outlast the life of the world" – drugs that help to combat the various anribayeattikkukale call them successful defenses, "Rig Eastern Clinical University Hospital infection Monitoring Service chief inspektiyealajisrr hepparrealajisrr Maris lipins Rannu.

"The main reason for worry is that it is both fair and unethical use of antibiotics that promotes low or stable micro-organisms promoting the development of antibiotics, which is a more effective treatment, and more than 33,000 die from multinational micro-organisms every year in the European Union. I do not think it's respectable – I'm not ready to speed it up, the dose does not decrease, "the doctors are not the only ones responsible.

  • The infectologist reminds us that the careful use of antibiotics will help prevent development of resistant microbes and the future of fight anti-cross agents:For the future generation, it becomes the wealthiest rich antibiotics of mankind. "

7 Important things about antibiotics:

  1. Antibiotics do not kill viruses.

  2. Antibiotics are not commonly used for cold, influenza or rot treatment.

  3. The antibiotics destroy the human body's harm Also useful Bacteria

  4. Antibiotic use is always a doctor, not a decision, but to approach a specialist, do not get your own vision for antibiotic needs.

  5. Always use antibiotics prescribed by your doctor and help you reduce the effectiveness of your medications in future illnesses.

  6. Unjustified use of antibiotics promotes the development of resistant microbial respiratory behaviors that may affect the effectiveness of the future.

  7. Never prescribe any other antibiotics to be used.

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