Tuesday , August 9 2022

After two empty asons in Spain, Laksh will win the Polish Basketball .l


Martins Luxa.

Martins Luxa.

Photo: ACB

Latvian basketball player Martins Laksa, who previously played for the Spanish Super League (ACB) in the Compostela Rio Natura Monbus Obradio for two seasons, has joined the Polish Basketball League league team unit Lublin Start, according to the club's Facebook profile.

Luxa joined the Spanish club Rio Natura Monbus Obradoro two years ago, which led to AC. પોઇન્ટ Point and .5 47. Two% have played AC૦ ACB league games, averaging two-point shots.

Previously, the basketball player represented the Latvian Basketball League League (LBL) team Valmiera / ORDO.

For Lasses, who has played in Latvian under-18, under-18 and under-20 national teams, this will be his second experience at a foreign club.

Luxa has played on the VEF Riga, Ventspils, Jurmla / Phoenix and Valmiera / ORDO teams, becoming the two-time LBL champion, who won the first title with VEF Riga, and with the victory with the Valmiera Club in 2016. He is also the champion of the 2013 Baltic Basketball League League (BBL).

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The start team finished 10th among 16 teams in the Polish Championship last season.

This week another Latvian club, Roland Freemanis, signed with another Polish club in Vilochlav .k, but Caspar Wekwગરger, who represented Szczecin's king Vકીlki Morski last year, also played in the Polish Supreme League. The Old Wagons, however, left Poland to join the Jurmala / Betseff unit the following season.



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