Thursday , February 25 2021

Alcohol production in Latvia fell by 14.8% in nine months

In the nine months of this year, the amount of liquor produced in Latvia decreased by 14.8 per cent. The turnover of excise goods collected by the State Revenue Service (SRS) indicates.

In nine months from 2018, Latvia produced 9.69 million liters of alcohol. In the nine months to 2017, there is a decline of 1.68 million liters.

In particular, the alcohol liquor produced in nine months was 2.13 million liters of alcohol, and 2017 decreased by 41.5% over the nine months. The total liquor produced is 7.558 million liters. This is 2.2% less than in 2017 and nine months.

The total imported alcohol in Latvia was 10.324 million liters. The total alcohol was 8.7 per cent. By 2017 it was 8.4% less than nine months. It also imports alcohol from Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania and Sweden.

In nine months, Latvia's ethyl alcohol increased by 1.93 times or 3.506 million liters of alcohol. Within nine months, 7.277 million liters of alcohol sold. In the nine months to 2017, alcohol was 3.77 million liters.

Alcohol consumption was 9,621 million liters during nine months. This was six million liters of full alcohol. 12.1% less than the total expenditure during the nine-month period of 2017.

In nine months this year, alcohol was sent to other European Union countries. A total of 2,543 million liters of alcohol was exported to alcohol. This is 3.2x less than 2017 nine months.

In Latvia, a total of 15.85 million liters of alcohol production is 60% more than in 2016. Latvia's alcohol alcohol gap increased 27 percent last year to 5.936 million liters of alcohol.

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