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Tony Bell, of Manchester, was shot dead by fire. Four retainers in the world's first heavyweight championship. The World Boxing Organization (WBC), World Boxing Organization (WBO), International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Association (WBA) Championship are owned by World Boxing Council (WBC).

"It was my hardest year," said Julius. "I want to relax and spend time with my family, and then try to meet them next targets."

Ushik said he would appreciate his opponent and could not become a strong opponent. "I showed him my best performance today, but I knew Blue would start a fight because he had no loss."

In July, Ushki won the World Boxing Superstar Finals by defeating Murat Ghazi of Russia. Latvia's boxing champion Maori Brree defeated the semi-finals.

So the Ukrainian boxer became the first Heavyweight, the world's best player and the winner of the tournament.

According to Osaka promoter Alexander Craciuc, Yushik should go to great Bharat and fight against Antony Joshua. WBA, IBF, WBO Belt Owners have this weight category. Uise and Joshua still did not feel bored in her career.

Belleville, after declaring his professional athlete's career, would end.

"Essex was a big boxer, I struggled to find the arcades in his fight against him and tried to show me the best, but Ulysses did not win, and he was the best boxer I was fighting against."

The British Boxer of the 2016 WBC Championship has been successful, but instead of defending a title against Bread, he decided to take over the Heavyweis team, where he fought twice with his headmaster David Haye. However, in January, the Belt moved to WC Champion Belt, Belleville, but in January, this belt moved to Yuzica after the Latin and Ukrainian rivalries.

The next targets for dignity with Bella earlier had already been announced that he must move to the hevy to challenge people like Joshio and Dion to a wider thousand.

Now in his 34 years, 35 wins Beljour has won 30 wins. It includes 20 people. The 31-year-old, who has won 16 professional career in his career, Killed 12 of his opponents.

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