Saturday , October 1 2022

Beautiful actress Iva Florence is interested in


Featuring a beautiful event in private life, Dell's theater actress, movie star and star star Eva Florence has been alive. Adorable actress is closely related to favorite male actor Oscar Vikasna.

According to Ewe's "Private Life" edition, Oscar was present during this summer's tour.

"We had many plans in the summer. But at the same time, each of us experienced various failures, so we decided to flee from them – we went to Sardinia.

Also, gifts came at an unexpected moment. I also seemed most inappropriate. But I'm happy. We decide that we will not hang around for marriage, after one year they will come, "Eve says.

The story of Dell's theater, Ewe Florence and Oscar Wicksen is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful actors. The story of this love started many years ago, while the two knew each other and started studying in the first year of the Latvian Academy of Culture.

10th Eve Florence most romantic photo with his favorite Oscar

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