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Bernadette Albas House Top Production at Lipa Theater – Cinema – Culture +


Frederick Garcia Lauracca (1898-1936) is the most famous poetry and playwright in the Spanish culture. The play "Barnard Abbas House" was one of his works.

V. The poet Edwin Rupus translates the poetry to the poetry compared to the poetic words of the Tanglo lights of the Mexazus.

The story of women in men's world is "Bernard Abbas Names". After the death of her husband, Bernard Alsus's house was declared mournful. Their daughters are subject to medicine laws, regulation and iron. When an older daughter gets together, Bernard's house begins to divorce – the difference between the nurses and the bride's love, many of them are afraid.

"I'm interested in the women's world – an adventure with many actresses, an adventurous writer who is passionate about the upcoming show, designed to be the best in the world, and of course it's a must-see for a Spanish song , So the actors have set themselves up in different speed, motion, and emotions, "V. Says Mexis.

"We read the story and saw the real picture, but the components of the terms do not fail."

Actors Ingus Cuinscca, Andrew Bruce, Cigta Jvelevská, Laura Jerome, Agnis Jacob Jackson, Samra Adegalolo, Karina Tatarinaova, Elsa Gouza, Victor Ilar and Peter Lappins.

Usually, a Stage Space creates a music track, but the display also helps designer Marija Rozite, dress designer Evija Pintani and Baiba Litiņa, and lingering artists Martin Feldman.

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