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Bowmanis: The team made the impossible after the third qualification

Photo: Janis Bewnens Rx

The World Rally Championship season ends with John Christopherson's victory on Sunday. Meanwhile, the only Laty representative of Supercar Class, Janis Budmens, went to the semi-finals.

Mechanical functions can become one of the pushfinals

Sunday's combat in Cape Town was not started as intended. After a thrilling rush with competitions at the start of the third qualifying, Janis Bewnys, behind Robina Larson, settled in second place. In another circle, the machine is grabbed, the drive shaft is pulled, bypassing the water pump and the brake oil pipe, the machine damages the exhaust. The speed at which it was taken was no longer possible and it was necessary to settle at the 17th position.

The combined and systematic work of the SARD team mechanics is approved for the speedy repair of the car, which allows Latvian athletes to participate in the fourth race. Boamies already proved his skill at the start of his journey. During that period, dominance increased and eighth place for the tour, Janice allowed to go to ninth place and qualify for semi-finals, it was promoted to four runs.

On his last trip to this season, John took an amazing fight with the big factory partners. The tight Tier prevented the final round from hitting the semifinals, but after contacting Kevin Hansen, Andreas Beckard stumbled into the gravel safety belt, so he reached the 5th position.

In South Africa, Janis Buimnis won 10 points, which allowed him to provide nine placements with 98 points in the season's total.

If the team has a disability, you have received a lot of good in your hand & # 39;

Janice Bauemanis: "Competitions can be very tighter and interesting as well as strategic." The day started very good – everything was good in a warm-up drive. I went to the third qualifying tour with great joy. A good start was made. In the end, the back of the barrel shakes and the circles surrounding the water and oil pipes, as well as water pumps, and also ruined the car's floor. And had to leave the front wheel drive immediately after reaching the conclusion, I stopped. I noticed that water and oil came from the bottom of the car. Everything was seen dramatically in the service park, because to get everything We had only 70 minutes. 38 minutes before the startup machine could not remove all broken parts which are now listed. Fourth qualifying started Only 30 minutes were left for new parts to come together. If we were going to start in the beginning everything seemed suspicious, but the mechanic did everything, we left the box in the last minute. In situations where the team makes the impossible, It is very easy to take and thank the team for giving a good result. I won my travel and after 15 minutes, I was still at the first place before starting the factory driving. Great pleasure for the fourth qualification The semi-final is also a very good start. Sadly, I was impressed by the wheel, but I am very happy about the team's work. Thanks to family, supporters and sponsors, who make this dream a reality! "

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