Tuesday , January 26 2021

By drinking alcohol, Silicus will be encouraged to resign; No right to take driver's rights – Criminal – News

Judges of the judicial disciplined board will encourage Saiyema to free Silk from the office.

The decision made by Silica can be appealed to the Disciplinary Court, but she will not disclose it.

Judge sitting under the silica wheel? Witnesses reported that this time she had an accident

Administrative violation code for Lori to operate a half-and-a-half-long car provides administrative arrest of 10 to 15 days, fine up to 1400 euros and four years of driving rights for driving.

Judges are not imprisoned due to administrative immunity for drunk driving and driving licenses are not withdrawn. This has been done to prevent unfair interference with professional activities and to save the judge from possible external influences.

There is no possibility of being a silica judge after one month, but sitting in a car cycle can legally go in traffic. She will be punished for most of discipline, but she will not be deprived of her driving rights because she can not be fined twice for the same thing.

Most of the judges expressed their desire to abandon administrative immunity, which is also asked by the Jewish Ethics Commission, but the law remains the same for that time.

The Ministry of Justice explains that the next year's judges are expected to abolish administrative immunity, while no administrative arrest will be made in Latvia.

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