Friday , September 24 2021

Charles Prince publishes a heartfelt family photograph on his 70th birthday – Coca-Cola

Prince Charles, who is now 70 years old, does not plan to hold public meetings or participate in public appearances.

The 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II was handed over to the Prince of Prince in the throne. But now the king of Britain.

Charles King says that he was undergoing a normal surgery. But his birthday is being kept in a family today.

In honor of his birthday, the prince of prince prince Twitter Two heartfelt family photos are published in the account.


Prince Charles's wife, Camilla, Prince William Harry and Prince William, wives of Meganova Markel and Keith Midlonia, along with his grandchildren Prince Lewis, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. When you smile in the chapel's lap, and when you're smiling, പ്രിൻസിജും are very beautiful in the photograph.


Charles attended various official events in honor of his annual anniversary, including the Summer Festival in Buckingham Palace.

Last week in an interview BBC Charles said in his statement about other environmental issues if he transferred his mother to the throne. Charles said Charles had already sought to be a "non-partisan politician" and would recognize the "constitutional positions" applicable to the monarchy.

After the climb, the situation on the throne would be different. He said the situation is quite different from the present situation.

The monarch in the UK has a politically neutral point of view, and rarely presents statements that can be associated with important issues.

Charles claims to be the throne, and then his son Williams and children George, Charlotte, and Louis.


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