Monday , May 16 2022

Counting days! The Christian pastor proclaims the end of the world


The final media has penned a message on the arrival of the world. At this time, the Christian pastor, Paul Begalia, has drawn the attention of the predictions, Express says.

The conspiracy theory and Pastor Paul Beagle indicate that our days are counted as they claim that the information about the future will be available in the Bible.

The Bible says that the asteroids carrying the earth on November 10 this year are a warning about the impending disaster. From his point of view, after the events in heaven, there are divine signs that mark the death of the world.

He said that there was no need to explain why the end of the world would happen, and he said, "His job is to take him all the time."

NASA's asteroid asteroid had earlier reported that some astronomers lost this past weekend.

In fact, the danger is not the first warning, it's as close as possible, the end of the world's end. Three days ago a portal said another new evidence was found to be close to the end of the world.

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