Thursday , August 18 2022

Davis Symonds, & # 39; The Father of the Night & # 39; & # 39; Great Crypabies & # 39; Swallows down; Great picture – & # 39; Bill & # 39;


Best Director for Davis Matheus, Best Director, Best Director, Inaara (Daving Saminis), best director for Kolmman's feature film "Billy".

In the category "Best Actress in the Second Plan" category, "Father's Night", Elsa Blubberga, "Best Actor", Andreas Rudachates, "The Best Artist" – Christine Jujen were also awarded.

Waldis Selmins is the best documentary director of documentary filmmaker called "Dons".

Andis Dugwins ("Criminal Excellence Fund") was recognized for her performance as Best Actor for Best Actor (Riga Dublis 1), Best Supporting Actor Award, and Willis Dudigin ("Lying On Dance").

Christian Bright and Audrey Stonis won the "Best Full-length documentary" category "Time Bridges".

Vladislav Leschov won the "Electrocution Day" category for Best Short Film, Best Animation Artist Award for Lizety Weight ("Night Walking"), but Vladimir Leschov ("Electricity") was recognized as the best animation film director.

Best Screenplay Oscar Rouhouettes ("Criminal Excellence Fund"), Wrestards Schmus ("Breath of Marble"), was recognized as the best music director. Christy Devri was awarded the jury award for the song "Merry Tour".

Best Makeup Artist Beta Rabobose ("Baltic tribes: the last Gentile of Europe"), Lean Rolstein ("Homo Novas"), the best costume designer.

The film received "The Wisdom's Careers Out of the Forest", directed by Martine Elena Martinston, in the category of "Best Student Film".

Gunda Bombay's 'Man and Dali' won the award for best debut director. The director of this section received a prize from Berse ("Sager" and "Night Walks").

In effect, a weapon for the art of cinematography was awarded to Abram Clayne and a Mixed Savior of well-known film critics and the theorists. Latin documentary film is awarded a theoretical basis and a long-term educational work on film art.

Criminal Excellence Fund is the director and producer of Delphi Readers' Voluntary Oscar Rupenheet.

The Maris Tour, Magazine "Celestia", "Cd" Magazine, "Fipresky", and Christine Seyevi were awarded. "Riga Nominee" Award for the Most Featured Feature Film Anna Anna Vuddy's & # 39; Homo Novas & # 39; The director of the film.

National Film Award nominated pictures and professions have been evaluated by an international jury. Latvia, who are working abroad in foreign countries like Latvia Professionals and Latvians. PhD is among them. D. Juris Sivyan (USA), Hollywood actress Ruthan Old (USA), director Dr. Elina Reiter (Germany). Dr Lestavia is the creative director of the Riago International Film Festival (Riga IFF). Sonaora represented Brok. The film's director is Linda Crockle, the film producer made by Vystirs Kairis.

A total of 58 films were nominated for the award. The Grand Cristez Award is hosted by the Latin Cinematographer Association and the National Cultural Center and the Ministry of Culture.

The prize was founded in 1977, but is resuming year after year. Last year, the film "Melanie Chronicle" directed by Wisur Kairis was produced by Uga Olta, Morton Trivia, "The Liberation Day", and documentary short film Andre Verhasthinskiy and Lydia. Edmund gained the best animated film. Yanas "Beas, Ecuila".

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