Monday , May 29 2023

Deer and Us Two – Two fights on one date and two different levels


Meirus Beardis Super Bowl will lead the quarterfinals, racing in Chicago to compete with German Army Knolulu Givar. Only a few hours ago, the only box that has won the breather, Ukrainian Aleksandar Usik, will take part in four of the world's championship belt, along with the famous British Tony Bell in Manchester. Is there at the place of dear ozurgy? That was possible. However, in one part of the year, deir has taken a few minor and still notable steps, and this "possibility" has now shifted from a better chance to a far-flung fantasy.

The viewers were not disappointed by the fight between Maree Brett and Olakesar Yousuf, who played in Arina Arena in January, and helped Riga to share high-tech boxing. In addition to the fact that Latin favorite berries participated in this fight, WBA and WBC titles were also allowed. The boxer legend Vitali Klitschiko decided to attend.

In a move near Deer and Uusic 12 rounds, the devil slowed his favorite tactics in Ukraine and rushed him to the ring. After the last Gondh, there was not enough Latin American who believed in the positive decision of the judges. However, Ucc is acknowledged by the superiors. However, just as Briad recognizes the triumph of logic, he should admit that the difference is not very low.

In the summer, Man with the Eurasis, while running out of the "underscore", was incredibly incredible, and recorded another victory for his invoices by supporting a notorious Frenchman in Delaware. Mascot Gaysv in Macedonia owns Heavy Weight Champion, winner of Supersali.

The Brookhead Promoters became the Superstar's organizers, and they did not hesitate to include existing existing WBC Champion Bridges in the Super Series second season, and Brendis publicly promised to make a comeback again – in the semi-semi-champions crown. It is now clear that they were a dream come true. Bracey's former executive Ala Sistus came to the attention of Brais. Responding directly to the end of October, Media Outlets unveiled Sede's statement.

In addition, all the public image has done nothing in his professional life. Whether he can recover his own point. The 28-year-old Armenian boxer Novel Givers is represented by Germany in the quarter-finals of the Superstars, no longer a Frenchman who has never heard of Latvia. The decision of multiple judges against Paul Josepoff Vodarski was a year and a half years ago. Last season, he won the boxing in the quarter-finals of the quarter-finals and lost his career in only 24 fights.

Sports betting at boxing boxing athletic rates Breeding is a great favorite in this fight, and his losses are less likely. Death has a good chance of entering the second year's SuperFormatrium semi-finals, which is 100% less than his opponents.

But the magic of the primitive tournament has been lost, since the weight category has already been recognized by the universal champion. Ulysses will move to harder people and will leave his championship belts to replace his championship position. Players predict that Ulysses will succeed in the fight against famous British brilliant Tony Bell. If Bill Wilson wins, the main nominee of the boxer title (for all sections) would be only one time in the world's best aviate for the microcontinu. This will open the door for multi-million-dollar battles against Anthony Joshua and Dionte Wilder and Thaisen Fouri. If bimid had succeeded in finding and using more personal details in January, more boxing mcpopons could cross the U2 in another 1-2 round. But "yes".

Usk v. The Bullu war is more detailed predictions.

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