Thursday , June 8 2023

Economist: Growing exports are more complex


Economic growth remained unexpected in the third quarter, but production and exports fell weak. In September, the value of exports declined by 1% compared to last year.

Exports are growing and becoming more difficult in the context of slow economic growth of business partners. Despite the need for a particular product group, the hard work production is reduced, so the volume of exports declines. That might be a challenge to competitiveness.

Minus in September includes mainly raspsid, milk products, as well as machines and equipment. In the coming months we will see export of agricultural products, especially wheat and rape in hot dry summers.

This year, machinery and division of machinery have a considerable impact on the uncertainties of turbogges and other gas turbine engines. It is possible to keep airplane airplanes rather than real economic activity. These changes were negative in September.

All the challenges, September and this year have made the best quality wood processing companies. This is a high sales price increase. The export of wood and wood products in Europe increased by 17 per cent over the half year growth last year. The installed tape is already very high, and if the low price is expected, the export performance will be much faster.

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