Wednesday , July 6 2022

Electronic Musician Field / Dinia will be performed at WentzP


Born in South Sweden, Axel Wilner was one of the earliest and most active electronic music makers in the mid-90s of last century. Once, in one leg in Stokeholm, in Lisbon, the other in studying the academy in academy and visiting your favorite band Do not get confused And Dead kennedy Aksels began to create his own concerts Drone Beauty and publishing houses Warping Some of the great Pankok group groups guitar and ambient guitar music attracted. A cocktail of such a musical reference would go away from the imagination of his early project Lax bleak, Port, Coron And James Larson At the beginning of the millennium a publishing house was published by the publisher Garmentbosia, Aksels Vilners itself Field In 2004, he signed a contract with publishers Summary.

The full-length album released in 2007 was released From here we will take The musician was impressed by the audience that was visible to him. Not only the audience but the media NME, BBC, Pitchfork To achieve the best of the decade, it took the attention of many to get a record. This is proof Metricic Collected Data – 2007 released the second highest rating album The funeral.

Over a decade, major festivals, concerts, newspaper columnists, studios and stage have traveled in various collaborations, the record of the following albums, Field Recently, in September, your most recent performance – just turned back with an album Endless moment. "The gateway to the creation of a new creation has to go through, it's done," the Appels Wels approval. On the other side the audience is waiting Field. Without loose flattering and imagination, honesty, depression and anxiety are at the same time. One of the hilarious and contemporary ambiant music lovers … everyone else! But not every entrance?

Other joining musicians will be announced shortly Field To the theater Sea Gate The new grass scene.

On November 15, at Vendililles the ticket will be held for the New Year's Eve. 12. They will be available for both Sea Gate Cash desk and other places Ticket service Network. Only the first 30 tickets available for a special price – EUR 7.

There are a limited number of programs available for tickets.

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