Wednesday , August 4 2021

Elimination work on Kalnyshima Street will continue; Tomorrow traffic restrictions – Criminal messages – News

Traffic on the event is still blocked.

A large number of operative employees are working on this event: Firefighters are thrown into the water to stop the fog from the building's foot and shake the roof structure to prevent the fire.

State Police Officers Regulate Traffic – Traffic stops with and from Balladaraja. There is also a municipal police officer, a doctor, "Rigas silins". A special tool has been distributed for the collection of garbage wastes on the building.

On the smothering building, bigger smoking problems are increasing.

In return, the representative of Riga Thought Traffic Department (RDDS), Uina Ahuna-Ozola said that the Kalnyshima Street and Angka Dome will be closed on Monday evening.

The closure of the Angola dome will also be closed towards Ballast Dam.

Ahuna-Ozola suggested that the junction will be closed until the fire is completely removed and the state police will suggest that the road is safe. It is currently believed that the road section will be closed till midnight but can be closed for a long time.

RDDS spokesman called drivers to choose other routes. Ways Mobile Wizard now has fire information and can discover other potential driving routes in the app.

Public transit is directed towards Slocum Street.

The historic Art Nuwu complex is located next to Z-Towers. It has been ignored for many years and has been identified as Slack.

Even though the Riga City Council has decided to fix the slum block in May this year in May, the agency LETA's observation suggests that the building can be easily accessed by unauthorized persons for a long time, for example, during the hundred years of fireworks in Latvia, people used the slum as parking space. .

It has already been announced in the noon afternoon. 3.38, Klingema Street, Riga, an open fire fire emerged from an unfamiliar house.

When firefighters and rescuers arrived, it was found that there was a smoke coming from the roof of an unfinished six-storey building, but almost all the floors were burned with open flame and the fire was spreading rapidly. The inside of the building was made of wood and burned on the floor and the building blocked the ceiling, it was dangerous to save the rescuer, so the fire was erased from the outside.

In the afternoon 7.16, the firefighters of firefighters arranged to make this high-risk fireplace local, prevented the fire from moving to other buildings, and all floors and ceilings of six-storeyed buildings burned in the total area of ​​4,650 square meters.

It was also reported that Riga City Council's Environment Degradation Structures Commission had decided in May this year to arrange the construction of buildings on Angiga Dambus and 2B Kalnsima Street in the Riga municipality 14 ring.

An emergency decision has been taken to ensure that the unauthorized persons and their health and life are protected.

Two years ago, the Environmental Violation of the Riga City Council's Building Commission classifies the building as a building to reduce the category B on the Kalissima Street 2B and is subject to the tax rate of the immovable property tax. The Art Nouveau Building was built in 1914.

In Dome 14 a former outpatient clinic, classified as a B-Class Environment-Digether Building, functioning in 1912, and its owners are eligible for an additional real estate tax rate.

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