Tuesday , March 9 2021

Enterprises' optimism has reached an unprecedented level

The business of Latvia's mental health has been good in the last five years, and according to a Citidel Index study, it is optimistic about the big companies' crisis.

This autumn has improved by the mood of Latin entrepreneurs, and the citadel index is 52.4 point, with 51.3 points in the last quarter. From the beginning of 2013, it's with the best optimism of entrepreneurs since the numbers were equal.

In addition, the feeling of big business in Latin America has reached an unprecedented optimism. The Sitelel Index has an annual salary of 62.5 points in this salary of 250. By the end of 2006, it was 63.5.

Small and medium business is more focused. Managers with workers from 57 to 24 have 50 to 249 workers. The number of employees employed in 10 to 49 employees is only 52.6. Microfinance expectations are also more cautious – 50.6 points.

Martinez Abolyn, a economist at the Sitdale Bank, says: "Growing economy and optimism of entrepreneurs are generally good news, and in the end, a good appraisal of all index formats – in the country, competition in industry, competitiveness, sales turnover, profitability, financial position, staff and investment. Last quarter Bill, entrepreneurs labhaksamatayum economic status assessment is still taking cues perspective. Similarly, improves mood and trade-service companies in the region, is the manufacturer of the manufacturer and not the most optimistic in the region is very low subhapratiksita Latvia. "

Optimistic sensation is observed in all areas of the economy. In the last quarter there was a special improvement in the service sector, the index rose to 52.9. Similar optimism and production is the management of the business sector in the 52.6 index. Their index is 52.7 and 51.4 respectively. IT sector services are very positive. But optimism is the productivity of education, transport and storage services.

Overall, this attitude has improved in both the export and the domestic market. The number of exporters is 55. Meanwhile, export of 51.26 points in exports.

The Citadel Index is a study conducted in Latvia, Citadel, since 2004. A quarterly survey of 750 business owners and their executives is organized. Surveys and data collection are Market and Public Display Center "SKSS". In the study, manufacturers, dealers, buyers and service providers from Latvia expressed their opinions.

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