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Expert: 5G technology will make it more efficient and faster to develop

Mobile Operator & # 8220; Byte & # 8221; Technical Director Gants Buttons

Technical Director of Mobile Operator Byte Jeans Buttons.

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The first 5G technology support devices will be available in the market in 2019. According to the Jeans buttons, the technical director of the bite, mobile operator, bits will help increase business productivity by helping them act faster and more efficiently.

He asserted that there are many benefits in the 5G technology. First, increase the speed of the internet. As expected, the expected 5-minute technical speed, which will be measured in gigabits each second, will allow for a faster transfer of data in large numbers, compared to the usual 4G technology speed (megabits per second).

For example, full HD quality movies can be downloaded in seconds instead of in seconds. Second, the high bandwidth, which will once add networks to more devices and sensors, will give users a more positive experience to use data services.

And thirdly, the low latency or signal delay is one millisecond instead of the current 30 to 40 milliseconds, which will provide faster "communication" or connectivity between devices and mobile networks. For example, online games can be used in real time and at the same high quality as an optical wiring connection.

Mr Button states that such a live or "live" video was shown in Bobsled competition in the Phoenician Olympic Games, while the camcorders attached to the athletic helmet have been broadcast from the pilots' perspective.

"It was one of the South Korean experiments on the practical use of 5Gb. Probably many people did not take note of it, but getting such quality video with 4G technologies will be difficult," BitTech Director explains.

Because of this, byte has made many attempts to prepare up-to-date 5G standards and their support technologies, including scheduling adequate radio frequency availability.

For example, in October, for a ten-year "bytes" subsidiary company "Unists" Ltd, by the Public Utilities Commission (PUCI) The rights to use for five Radio Frequency Bands and two 26 GHz band channels were expanded.

Thus, bytes compared to other operators currently have the highest frequency available, which is consistent with the 5th standard guidelines approved last year.

360-degree video offered during the Olympic Figure skating, can elucidate the quality of any jump or curve, which reflects changes in the entertainment and entertainment industry, which will encourage 5G technology.

It is fitted with a local 5G network stadium and uses translator elements of reality so that viewers can enjoy exciting entertainment on TV, PC or mobile devices.

The ability to create a high quality local area network for your business needs is one of the best benefits of this technology, which will have a significant impact on the development of I.T.

The 5G network will be able to provide a very high connection with less energy consumption (about one million square kilometers per square kilometer). In addition, various solutions and services are possible at different speeds and guaranteed quality at one time in the same overlay area.

For example, one level stadium will support the network on other connected cars, but secondly – read gauges remotely or provide care of patients.

However, there are currently technological solutions that allow the development of the internet of things under the current mobile network standard, as Mr Buttns notes.

He added that Bit started introducing lower-power broadband technology "Neroband Internet of Things" (NB-IOT) in the mobile operators of Latvia. It provides high quality indoor coverage and high connectivity density, which is important for the affiliate network.

"In my opinion, one of the best examples of industrial applications in the world is the smart meters established by" Salsal's texts ", in which" bytes "SIM cards are used with others."

These counters themselves send information on usage, which monitors their users' use of power consumption in mobile applications as well as price changes using their favor. 5G network will be consistent or less delayed, making electricity accounting more efficient, Boons explains.

Very accurate and stable electricity accounting is important for companies that require daily employment and for which inaccuracy in inventory or additional use can lead to additional costs.

It has tested the BET with the first NB-IOT test with Teleco, which specializes in design, development and production of Intelligent Street Lighting Control, Remote Energy Meter Reading System and Power Monitoring Systems.

During this time, an intelligent lighting system is tested in the area of ​​the VEF rega.

"With the introduction of the NB-IOTT, we are allowed to create a high-quality Internet based network at the moment, to promote industries where modern technological solutions can be an important prerequisite for development or safety."

"We can also learn from South Korea and Australia, which is starting to use autonomous, especially equipped drones for large areas," emphasizes the technical director of Bite.

For example, the Australian non-profitable Surf Surf Life Savings NSW searches for a Drone Crisis, searching at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour at a height of 60 meters. When you look for a swimmer, Dummies leaves a fluffy float that helps a person stay on top of the water.

It is happening today, while the low latency 5G network will allow the drones to move to automatic mode and will automatically communicate with the rescue helicopter.

The extensive use of internet devices and the use of 5G network sustainability forecasting allows remote connections and automation of many processes, which creates a more precise accuracy, where tolerance margins for manufactured products are less than one millimeter or have telemedicine.

It is predicted that health services will be one of the areas where the development of the 5G network will allow many new entrants to introduce new levels of unimaginable solutions, such as robot and remote surgery.

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The technical director of the bits says that mobile operators try to prepare technically for presentation of the 5G network and hope that the business will appreciate the benefits of new technology and use it for its benefit.

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