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Federation: Half of diabetes can not know the disease – Latvia – news


More than 90,000 people are diarrhea in Latin and this disease affects many families. In addition, diabetes mellitates not only the patient but also changes everyday in relation to relatives. It creates many new challenges.

Schlemm says, for this reason, World Day Diabetes Day is the subject of "diabetes and family". The LDF president said this year's federation would like to see the family play an important role in diabetic treatment, protection and immunization.

"We regularly check health, encourage them to decide on their diabetes and encourage family members," said Stelman.

Celebrating World Diabetes Day, the Regional Central Market Route Pavilion will be held from 14th to 17th week on November 14th to 17th. Vouchers are available for free sugar inspection.

This program also includes endocrineologist and nutrition specialist for diabetes, treatment, and physical activity.

Latvian Children, Young People's Diabetes Association, "Discovery Diabetes – Saving the Life!" And so on. On November 17, the Calendazium quiz market will be held at Kalname Ela 35, Riga (from 10:00 to 16:00). A sweetheart tasting, and a creative retro-reflective workshop.

The representative of Latvia Diabetes Center Martha Lexencia wrote that she would take advantage of diabetes in Latin and raise awareness among the population.

Christian Garcova, Magnus Erin's, and Edgar Balans are designed to be a social experiment, and the Nauris Brichmannes performs an innovative acting campaign against diabetes.

People with diabetes can survive, diabetes can survive, "through the skin of diabetes," the daily life of diabetes, and the conditions in which people with diabetes migrate each other, "standing in the skin," one step ahead, and sometimes even worse, to prevent human activities and behavior Creativity, health and life-threatening moments.

The campaign will be held on November 14 at 11:00 pm at Communications Management Agency Deep White Office. Includes statistics on diabetes in Latin and provides practical advice for diabetes and practitioners, experiencing experiences of diabetes and describing social experiments.

According to the Disease Control and Prevention Center, 29 492 people in Latin had diabetes in 2001, and by 2017 it was 91 571 people.

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