Saturday , June 10 2023

First episode of this season / day has been confirmed


Arjun says that the spread of other lung infections is growing. Respiratory disorders, adeno virus, parainfluenza virus, viruses that cause respiratory infections are common. Children and pre-school age children are also infected.

In recent years, the number of countries that reported flu virus reported a significant increase in the European region. Swine flu is spread across 15 countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Estonia and Lithuania. Some countries in the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic reported some patients, including those in the intensive care unit, as laboratory confirmed with influenza.

SPKC experts remind that vaccination should be avoided especially when fluid is vaccinated. This period is suitable for vaccination before the spread of influenza.

Vaccinations, pregnant women, long term illnesses and over 65 years of age are in danger. It affects dangerous and dangerous diseases.

At the same time, as the flu season arrives, experts call people to wash hands, air breathing, and restrict the contact with patients.

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