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General Motors will leave 15% of its employees, shutting down seven plants


American Automotive Giant General Motors (GM) on Monday said it will leave 15% of the 180,000 employees and close seven plants worldwide, with a target to save $ 6 billion and with a target to change the changing conditions in the market, will undergo massive reconstruction.

The company is reacting to this reconstruction by replacing consumer flavors by focusing on popular trucks and off-road vehicles as well as electric cars.

The Wall Street Journal responded positively to these GM activities, where GM's share prices had increased 4.8% on Monday, but the US and Canadian leaders were persecuted.

The factory closure was criticized by the US-Canadian Trade Union representing GM activists. North American workers were accused of moving the GM production to other countries at the expense of employees.

Redundense will affect political districts especially in Ohio and Michigan states, with the promise of a resurrection by US President Donald Trump.

"The actions we are doing today continue to transform us into a very active, flexible and profitable form. [uzņēmumu]GM Berry, GM said, offers us flexibility to invest in the future.

"We recognize the market conditions and the need to change customer preferences to move our companies over long-term success."

The Trumpes were puzzled about the plan and said that Bar was "very harsh" in the conversation with the discussion about the reorganization.

Barra met with White House Trumpa Economic Advisor Leroy Kadlow, but the officials informed that the meeting was decided in advance.

GM will close three car assembling plants in North America – Ontario, Canada, OH City, Michigan, Hemetric, Detroit next year, and Ohrid State Lordordon.

GM will also shut down two American factories that will produce batteries and broadcasts – the Maryland State of Warwick and Warren's Michigan state and two non-listed factories outside of North America will also be closed. The company has announced plans to stop its work in the South Korean city of Gunshan.

Ohio's US Democrat senator, Sherwood Brown, GM's decision was identified as "corporate greed in the worst case", and last year criticized Trumpa and Republican Congress for tax deduction, which increased the profit of GM.

"The company gained profits from the wide tax cuts … and did not use this money in American money," Father Braun

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trude OH Closing the plant expressed "deep disappointment". Workers of this factory protested against closure on Monday without a strike.

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