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I'm an athlete because the illness does not decrease … Ugus dreams fluid has myths


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To avoid flue, you must first protect yourself from the misunderstandings about this infectious viral infection. It's not just about the ability to work for months in cold weather every day, but also their lives. The most common myth about the Uga ummies flu, the chief specialty of the communicable diseases in the Ministry of Health,

Mithun No 1 "To Affect The Fever, A Strong Resistant Immunity"

"As the immune system is very powerful or weak, most people have a risk of developing influenza virus, and if vaccination is resistant to the influenza virus, it is possible that a flue-shot is vaccinated or removed. Name Most people think of a new flu vairan deasamuntakkunnatenn.

"Anyone who thinks, I have no fever, because I want to know because vitamins and an athlete are – it just does not work." Deaths or premature diseases are more susceptible to the human immune system than the human genes. Disease is caused by stress, fatigue, burn injuries, unbalanced food, drugs and cooling. In addition, the body's reaction is a number of factors, including determining the severity of the virus.

"Due to strong resistance, the life-threatening effects of influenza viruses are" very active "and are more seriously affected by the nervous system, but usually those who are strongly resistant to the patient are cured by the patient." Dumpus explains.

Methanol 2: "Influenza vaccine can harm the health"

Such a statement does not have evidence, scientifically proved, but studies have proved to be a reliable and effective vaccine. Vaccination can cause instant reactions – fever, inflammation, and pain in the site of the strawberries lasts up to two days.

Note that vaccine fever does not affect the absence of live viruses.

Vaccine is the safest way to prevent inspection. "It is like using a sick leave page in terms of other personal financial risks associated with the exposure of vaccine price treatments and deaths in Latvia each year to protect the vaccines.

Mithun 3 "Pregnancy Exercise Is Especially Dangerous"

Quite the opposite! Pregnant women are more vulnerable. Vaccination will be given special consideration. The cost of purchase of influenza vaccine up to 50% for pregnant women will be provided to the state.

Pregnant women are especially dangerous for pregnant women in developing the fetus and promoting pregnancy. It shows that pregnancy can be prevented by pregnancy in pregnancy. This does not negatively affect the newborn.

On the contrary, it is possible to get the baby preservatives from the immune system. Doctors who are treated with influenza-related reproductive department do not want to resume such cases. If a pregnant woman needs a caesarean, it will be awesome! "Says the fluysis of the flu induced effect.

"It's not vaccination, because this year's flu virus does not know what's going on"

Virus viruses are very different, so it is checked what changes in the structure of the virus have been observed in most of the viral variants of different regions of the world that are preparing for new flu season each year. According to the World Health Organization, the North-South Comets will be advised to apply the appropriate vaccine to the north and south comets respectively.

Sometimes a vaccinated vaccination against an influenza is ill, especially if the elderly person is immature or immunosuppressed.

However, the vacuuming of influenza virus is much easier, faster and less complicated.

In case the disease is not affected by illness, the patient will reduce the risk of getting the patient to hospital. Flu is a complicated complication and death. This is the most effective preventive measures.

Mithunalla 5 "Influenza is only a year once a day"

Most commonly occurring influenza viruses, or people with eczema, or euphoria, are more likely than people. Following the flu shot, a person becomes a vaccine against the appropriate influenza virus. Fluorescent viruses spread from November to May and throughout the season. For the rehabilitation of the fluus, especially for human skill, vaccines are protected from at least three or four most common influenza viruses.

The children return to schools in the second half of the birth, they are "transferring viruses" after holidays, and infection spreads rapidly to other people.

6 "No one is infected after the first symptoms of flu."

No – One day a virus develops viruses spreading symptoms like fever, bone loss, dry cough, chest pain, weakness, loss of appetite. Unexpected health and sick people and educational institutions continue to be associated with other public places at work so that it removes infection.

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The virus is spread by small drops, infected spills, cough, talk, or contact shake or household appliances. The infection is very easy, for example, touching the door handle and correcting your nose or mouth with your unclean hands. When it reaches airways, the virus is suddenly broken, and after a few days or several hours, it looks like a sudden illness. To reduce the spread of inflammatory diseases, wash your hands, clean the chamber, as quickly as possible, visiting public places, and avoid swinging in particular swine fever.

The Ministry of Health and the Prevention and Control Center for Public Awareness Activity has been prepared. "Do not let yourself catch!" The aim of the campaign is to encourage flu vaccination of the population and enhance the importance of immunization, especially awareness among those with potential influenza related issues.


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