Saturday , October 1 2022

In the morning, a stranger entered the house in Boldaraja; Following events – are followed by criminal messages


State police say that at that time the woman was alone at home. When he complained, the stranger asked for his personal property to be withdrawn. As a result, a woman was kidnapped by mobile phones and many other things. After the crime, escape from the scene of the victim. After returning from experience, the injured woman turned to the police.

During the investigation, another person investigating the police in the second division of the Second Bureau of the Criminal Police Department of State Police Department of Riga City Police was investigated.

A man born on November 21, 1993, was arrested for police suspecting of crime. It should be noted that he was first punished for robbery and theft, and in September of this year he was sentenced to imprisonment for the past.

During the search of man's residence, law enforcement officials found various items stolen from other private homes in Riga. It was found that one person has stolen four of private homes in the past two months. One of them was committed in Juma Jupiter and the rest – Boldaraja. In all cases, the person cut the windows of the first floor and entered the house. Man took jewels, telephone, money and other things from jewelry.

In relation to offenses against man on 2 November, a criminal proceeding has started, according to the first paragraph of Article 176 of Criminal Law and the first paragraph of Article 185 of Criminal Law, stolen, provision in the room and deliberate destruction of foreign property. In return, criminal proceedings have been initiated in relation to other cases, theft of the place and deliberate damage to foreign property. Police have recovered some of the stolen and abducted property. Some of them had already promised in Punjab traders. At this moment the police are working to recover the remaining property. The suspect has applied a suspicious security measure.

We invite residents to take care of their housing security by installing quality iron doors in their homes and installing alarm and video surveillance cameras. If enabled, the Private Perimeter can also install the Perimeter Alarms, which will work before entering the Gardens Residence. In addition, the motion sensor is located in the private home area. A pet dog is also helping to report the arrival of unfamiliar guests. In addition, they pay good relations with neighbors – they have to care for the accommodation to leave their neighbors for a long time.

It should always be remembered that if you see people in your neighborhood or neighborhood homes or suspected people who see foreign property, they should immediately inform the police about their concerns on telephone number 110, reminding the legislators.

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