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Interview: Mars is more than a mission – human security – Science – Science


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But Petrenxes are not allowed to be the work of the destruction of humanity. The author and the scientist agree that people are human-human beings-have only evolved and destroyed themselves. "Similarly Cars in Anne, as well as Marburg Virus or Ebola, killing everyone on Earth," Petranex.

On the way to Mars – Importance is more important than human life

"The thought of winning the Red Planet is a human being, the human race, or the human being, or the goal, to lose life on the way to Mars, and Petronice's mission is very important," he said, adding that the issue is always an issue in space exploration study.

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"For example, the Russians were the first to tayyarayatukeantan to take more risk in the United States, the first orbital space by the explosion of the people. These are all trying to avoid fatal consequences. In my opinion, this is hampered by the development of the US space program. To intervene in space is a dangerous place. At the same time, bahira Kasayatrakal it counted. According to statistics, one person and destroyed a decade of space tourists. But in this case, I hope that some of the common sense idea that allows you to give more importance to this mission. We will move very quickly, and all the processes it is approved, "explains petreakks.

The mirrors are as important as the winner

NASA expects the first Space X mission to reach Mars, as it is making errors as a private company. The first challenge to the first man on Mars is the potential challenge for the spacecraft to raise vertically and to "tail" it. A spacecraft capable of returning to Earth is essential. Solutions to fuel and electricity issues.

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The Elon Mask Company's SpaceShow Launcher displays their capabilities. The first Falcon Launcher launcher, which began in February this year, has been confirmed to provide a cargo in a geostratio or geo-orbit at 36,000 km on earth. Typically, the satellites can only be transferred to their cargo transfer orbit, such as satellite satellites, where the satellite GEO GEO orbit. These achievements are indispensable for current military and telecommunications needs, but will continue to be impossible to reach Mars in the future.

"When the first four heavy duty Falcon rockets are sent to Mars, the first four will attempt to stop the rocket reacting four to six years of red planet, and if it does not, then it will be damaged by other space research agencies such as NASA and European Space Agency. "It is a great step forward, and a considerable step forward, and the representatives of this private space exploration mission will first come to Mars, and everyone hopes that they can understand their mistakes," Petranekes said.

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NASA's soon-to-be projected experts predict that the Martian hurricane will be faster by 2030. "But at this time, I assure you that the space exchanger is already on the surface of Mars, and it will get rid of the people," Petaneks says.

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