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Latvia's 100th birthday will also celebrate the turtle


Photo: Eddy Palans / LETA

The Centennial of the Latin Country will be held on December 9-18 with extensive programs at the National Museum and Tartu University in Estonia. Ellenka Salajja of the Society will inform.

Latvia Ambassador of Estonia, Gemini Jansen, will open the week in Latin. Photo Exhibition of Sayagas Stein at the 11th Tug University of Lobby, Foreign Lang and Foreign Culture College. Photos in the exhibition reflect the song and dance of the Latvian students.

At noon on November 10, the Estonian National Museum will open a show of Ethiopia – the Latin literature "#iamintrovert" ("I'm Gorgeous"). This campaign is specifically designed for the 2018 London Book Fair. Authors and publishers from the Baltic stadium were honored.

Latin was included in the list of writers on the Internet. Ryan Petersen's "The Life of I" The small designed photo display will now appear in the tutorial. Latvian poet Artis Ostops is now studying in the Tart doctoral program, participating at the start of the show and sharing his views on introductory literature.

On November 10 at 20.30 noon will be given the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the Rihards Liberty Orchestra, a famous festival in the Estonian National Museum of Estonia.

On November 11 th 13th Estonian National Museum, Dais Tolna-Lipsky will host the exhibition of "The Eyes of Honor". In the strength of Kurzewe's suit spirits, the artist offered her a strong sense of identity and joy in clothes.

The ancient customs and traditions of Ses and Kihn in Estonia have been retained. The ancient traditions and daisy Delina-Lipczes have introduced the same ancient ethnic traditions in Estonia, such as Dale Delina-Lipsk. The contemporary message on the subject of national identity – the painting cycle "Sausage" – Arcelot syndrome was introduced by Aristotle and the Kevin Wives. The exhibition was displayed with a collection of Latvian folk "Toyslitis" in Tinoau.

On November 11, at 16 noon, the Baltic Defense College in Estonia, the embassy for the Republic of Latvia, the warriors who dropped, the anniversary candles and the refugees in the Yusta Janani Cemetery in the Latin Seminary,

On November 16, GANDARD Goddess, a 15 Latvian poet, presents the most famous Estonian language work in Latin. The latest translation of the legendary "Caledals" in Latin, a new translation of Tartu University and the purpose of the work.

The Latvian National Film Museum will be exhibited at the Estonian National Museum of Latvia National Film Foundation on November 17th. The museum guides will also pay homage to Latvia and Estonia. At noon, 13 "folk musical" "Mesel" will be held.

The 100th anniversary of the announcement of the Kingdom of Latvia will be held on November 18th at the Estonian National Museum with great celebration. Among those who participated in the special guided tours to the gates of history of Latina and Estonia – noon. Will be held on the eighth day at the Estonian Estonian summit. Latvian

The festive experience of the Latvia Bread Market is where you can buy various handicrafts and crafts. The museum will have a chance to celebrate the Republic of Latvia's 100th century for the museum during its entrance.

At the noise of the Latvian drum, the Dudes group "Ali" presents a 17th concert. The depth of music is reflected in the depth of music.


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